1. Completely detached from reality. She’s teaching our youth?

  2. Hey, it’s InTheMoney! Love this. What a classic

  3. Nah they always put disclaimers at the start of the video that what they say isn’t financial advice.

  4. You point has been proven false time and time again. Get out of here with that “Due diligence” nonsense.

  5. Yup. Can work for them 20 years and get half your salary as a pension for life (at least with USPHS). Can also work another job after retiring from them too

  6. That’s what I love about Reddit is that Kevin cannot control the narrative. He can delete or only approve select YouTube comments supporting him. He can delete comments from Twitter or wherever else. But this sub is here to expose his lies, his awful stock and economy advice, his narcissistic tendencies, and also alcoholism

  7. Terrible deal. Conor is a great player, better than Enzo

  8. Put coral cove on Jupiter island on your list to check out at some point. The water there gets Bahamian blue approaching high tide. It’s on the intracoastal side and perfect for paddleboarding

  9. Needs to remember she’s almost 60. Even though she looks 70

  10. Better hope the scouting works out and these players develop

  11. How do we think USMNT would fare if they played in the premier league? Mid table?

  12. Overall how did he play? Google stats say he made 1 save?

  13. Hoping for St. Louis. There is a beautiful brand name stadium here and St. Louis fans are rabid for soccer. We finally got an MLS team starting this season

  14. Let’s not forget Kevin panic sold Tesla in the 130s to fund his private jet that he can’t afford

  15. Are all of these funds actively managed? They all have a very high expense ratio. Are there any index funds available? Or this list is it

  16. Dang those are absolutely crazy expense ratios for passively managed index funds

  17. Loving his work ethic. Really enjoyed watching him last weekend

  18. Yeah sucks they got him in the expansion draft. I was a big Dunn believer

  19. Definitely Finance YouTube Biggest Grifter. Really well put together video. He needs to be kicked off YouTube and fined by the SEC

  20. 18 years. His release date is currently set to April 26, 2039

  21. 😳 omg wow. And she’s still with this psycho

  22. Did you hover near her for 5 minutes to see if she put it in her cart?

  23. This is pretty great. I had not seen the stimulant allegations but it does not surprise me

  24. Seeing this ticks me off because these haven’t doubled in cost to produce. Like another commenter, they’re just riding the inflation wave, trying to expand their margins

  25. All of aldi prices went up. I hate to say it but I've quit shopping there. Whereas Walmart grocery or another local grocery store would cost me $120-160 every week and aldi would average between $90-100 now my weekly aldi trips have risen to $150-200 and a Walmart grocery order runs about $140.

  26. Same. I joined Costco because I think their prices are fair and the produce/meat is much higher quality. Resorted to freezing bulk things like beef and cheese

  27. Not sure how you got this leak, but thanks for posting! Jury is out for me but they seem pretty decent. Love the gold treatment for the women like France got for the men

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