December 30, 2022 - Arrest Megathread

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  1. Why would the attackers catch them, they are the ones who threw them after all

  2. Why would there be? That’s for penalties

  3. Dallas needs Maher to come give Gould a pep talk

  4. Hijacking the top comment for the greatest highlight video of all time:

  5. That… was actually a highlight reel. I was expecting a joke clip.

  6. How is Denmark more than Norway, Sweden and Finland combined?

  7. Denmark is just bigger than it looks

  8. Man’s been smoking that wacky tobacky again

  9. It's the system that shapes who we are. It promotes rugged individualism as opposed to cohesive communities. It turns people to crime in search of a better living. It promotes the use of a lower class to divide the working people.

  10. It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean

  11. Watching MNF and had to take a break- I did a triple take at this box score!!

  12. Maybe it’s just now we realize how bad they truly are

  13. Being so late in the season, I wouldn’t even try to reschedule- just call the game a draw and move on to next week


  15. Is it just me or does Nero look like the kid from the Sandlot?

  16. What was the movie called? I sometimes remember scenes but I can't find it?

  17. Has anyone ever asked a question when the ref asks “any questions?” during that pre-coin flip OT rule rundown? Would actually be pretty sick if they did

  18. “Soooooo, about that Davante Adams catch earlier… would you like to explain yourself while we have everyone’s attention?”

  19. This is where the Purdogg goes to work

  20. I have a conspiracy theory that these murders were actually about

  21. Dangerous precedent scary

  22. There will be blood on our hands, don’t deny it

  23. They have access to ovens in prison?

  24. He’s going to be used as an oven mitt

  25. BONK, this is no time to be thirsty, mister

  26. …what exactly do you mean? A plea deal is an agreement to plead guilty (and avoid a trial) in exchange for a lighter sentence

  27. People pay more for places they want to live in.

  28. Florida has the fifth highest income inequality of any state.

  29. Jesus, Louisiana and Mississippi… all the other states have the mega rich to skew the numbers. Those states just have poor and ultra-fucking-poor.

  30. I could only wish to be a screen setter and a rebounder

  31. Today’s players can’t keep up with that 1960s pace in the bedroom.

  32. He’s dropping 50 AND bailing on his taxes

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