1. Fuck. The f1l73r was letting a lot of stuff go, too. I knew it was too good to last.

  2. Uh... my depravity is for mine eyes only. But now that it's back up and running, the fun has ended.

  3. Context: decided to fight Mima, nearly got killed but Reimu saved my life, now we're double teaming her in phase 2 of the boss fight

  4. nooooooo!!! you took a badass, elegant, sophisticated woman and made her cute!

  5. oh no narcissistic feminists can't take advantage of double standards and live off the backs of their male partners. well enjoy the lonely lives you made for yourselves

  6. Installed through flatpak or snap? Or something like dnf, apt, or pacman?

  7. You dont have to be a dick about it, maybe he is new to linux or he doesnt know what will help us to resolve his issue.

  8. I have about 8 months of experience. I've used Fedora KDE for six and switched to Garuda at the beginning of the year. This bug started showing up recently when I tried messing with themes. and no none of them were installed from Flatpak

  9. I have seen enough Character AI to know the "f-thing" will not let this go anywhere

  10. even with it cracking down more I was still able to get it to happen. (i'll be it, it had to be very vague in it's description)

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