1. I swear there was a “Mr. Bean Animated” episode which had exactly this. Literally.

  2. I saw this and went , damn I wish it happened right now. I’m not fine am I

  3. Why do my formal shirts always looks wrinkled just a few hours into wearing them? ( I ironed them the previous night )

  4. Great! Me too. Both CopperTree and Gates Mills are high rise buildings with Asian Indian population. Arbor Court apartments are nearby, they are garden style and good too except for highway noise. All these apartments have access restrictions enforced via keys. All of them are very near to Eastgate shopping centre. Not familiar with Pepperwood.

  5. Heyyoooo!!!! Ive been wondering where the Purdue F1 people were at!

  6. I think I saw some message on a random group about someone looking for a roommate

  7. I'm from Italy, and I don't get how you can go away without washing your butt with soap and water every time you take a shit.

  8. Same reason you can you a napkin to clean up a countertop. It just works.

  9. Yeah but dry paper … ass… shit … when does it end ? And it feels like it’s never clean until use watwr

  10. Danny Rick gonna snap out of that snake any time now

  11. Genuine question , why not just sell it off ? Make a few bucks … get a cheesecake ..

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