1. Mich got screwed by refs on that out of bounds. thats never called, evident by how they called that last one out of bounds

  2. Game was over but entire patriots dumb af with time. Except rhamondre

  3. not a facemask but looked like a horsecollar.

  4. This is such a bs call. I know you can’t ‘abuse’ the refs. But you absolutely can and should call them out on their bullshit when they’re very clearly fucking up. So long as he’s not being racist or overly hateful then that ref needs to be a professional and walk away.

  5. Probably not when you run out of bounds.

  6. right now is literally the only time I'll ever justify a home crowd booing the team at the end of the first half

  7. kicker bails them out. incredible kick under all those circumstances. wtf was that playcalling

  8. It’s intentional. Garbage szn. These people genuinely hate women. Oh well. On to next szn

  9. This record has to be unbreakable, it’s simply an unfathomable amount of yards.

  10. it will be very tough. but qbs are throwing for more yards compared to the early brady years. and the nfl season has expanded in games. still with all that, hard to see anyone with the skill, longevity and playoff success needed to reach 100,000. mahomes the only one who comes to mind as a candidate.

  11. Jeanine redemption arc INCOMING, do you see how they fixated on her reaction at tribal

  12. This is what happens when you market a sport incessantly and devote it to the lowest common denominator. I'm completely confident that baseball could be #1 again if MLB simply added cheerleaders and put "watch MLB" ads on potato chip bags all summer.

  13. I just do not get it. 2nd time they should have went for two, and didn't due to a penalty. The penalty doesn't change the still makes sense to go for 2!

  14. 1st time you can make a good case not go for it. this time you cant

  15. its a little thing. but you still have to go for 2 there since 13 pts isnt better than 12 with extra point from the 2 yrd line.

  16. cuz a walk does nothing since winning run on 2nd. no green light on 3-0 is essentially saying we dont want this guy swinging on the best count.

  17. He'll be good for one week after CMC gets hurt but then Elijah will go down again, leading to more Wilson.

  18. Are you saying 2 interceptions on Jameis? or Dalton this game? The only thing I'd say about Jameis's interception is that this coaching staff should be smart enough to set up things so that Jameis isn't in a "hero ball" situation. We all know he's going to sling it if he feels he needs to. Know how you fuck that up? RBs fumbling balls, O-line with copious penalties, Jameis himself missing presnap protection reads, bad play calling... all to set Jameis up to do the thing you know you should not be putting him in the position to do especially at this point in his career...throwing you to a win.

  19. you're asking for an edit that doesnt exist. you are judging gameplay and not edit. that's fine, but doesnt have to do with edgic.

  20. i mean, you're just betting the odds here. thats not impressive or proving you right, lol. i can say that about any of the contenders and probably be right since only one is gonna win. you dont like his gameplay so you dont think he's gonna win. that's your prerogative. but you cant ask the editors to make scenes that didnt happen in reality to occur on tv.

  21. Why didn’t Sami tell Gabler beforehand and have Gabler just pretend to be really attached to the bead?

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