1. This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day. What the fuck is wrong with people holy shit.

  2. This sub is for ABCDs not fobby nationalists

  3. Man free hoodrich Pablo Juan idgaf about any of the rumors his flow was immaculate. He is talented as fuck that’s just my opinion. Was my fav 1017 rapper before he left

  4. I put ketchup on hotdogs..mustard too. I went to a fucking CPS and our cafeteria served us hot dogs with ketchup, so I don’t care that it makes me un-Chicago.. I was born and raised here. Everyone who has ever given me shit about ketchup on my hotdogs has been from the suburbs.

  5. Is there a hot dog spot that has ketchup made from scratch?

  6. I’m sorry but if my family member died I’m not going after their employer idc what type of promise they made. Scarr family is doing too much it’s embarrassing atp

  7. Those posts are pretentious as hell and it's kinda funny someone got burned for doing it.

  8. It’s cringey but who cares? OP is a fucking intern…not some jaded banker trying to job hop. Let them celebrate by posting their goddamn accomplishment. If anything—internships are the one job update you should post about since it’s a temporary job and you want to possibly line something up for once it ends. They’re just starting off for Christ sake. They didn’t anticipate their offer letter being rejected.

  9. This is amazing! Do you mean the sleep apnea disappeared on its own once you lost weight?

  10. Pretty much. I had obstructive sleep apnea because of weight-related fatty tissue that blocked my airway but I dropped 100+lbs and now I can breathe normally when I lay down again

  11. Brody Dalle from the distillers, Emily Haines from metric, Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Would be dope to have a woman rock the mic alongside the strokes again. I also think JC producing a Sky Ferreira indie rock album would be fucking insanely good.

  12. I would definitely attend! I love a lot of these artists.

  13. This is amazing! Also, you’re very talented.

  14. Sounds cliche but I think some of the best success stories come from people who face a lot of adversity in the corporate world. Don’t give up on your dream, and try to make more time for it…even if it means starting a new job at a company you’re not sure of. I was in a really shitty toxic environment at the last company I worked for, and I left after 2 years. Even tho my current gig isn’t perfect, I am in a way better place and have more time for myself. Time for myself after work and peace of mind is everything to me.

  15. We stan based julian & teslas are def uggo!

  16. If you think Tesla’s are rich people cars you must live in the middle of nowhere lmao

  17. TA is the “heart and soul of culture” lmao this dude def completed a company required unconscious bias training module recently. Calm down Nicky!

  18. The Strokes are my all time fav band and Gibbs is my all time fav rapper lol that’s crazy. I saw someone wearing Freddie merch at a strokes show this summer. Was that you? If not—there’s more of us lol

  19. I love this so much. Also this photo just called me broke lol 🥲

  20. Hi can you send me a link to your store

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