1. I have what I have affectionately started referring to as a mystery bra (despite it being NWT) - It's a beige molded bra with soft wires that is labelled a "34DDD" but the band measures 27" unstretched, and 31-32" stretched. If you're interested in giving it a try I'll send it for the cost of shipping!

  2. Hi there! I'm interested in the Cleo and Panache Ava if they are still available!

  3. Hi, yes they are! You can sent me a chat or dm to sort out shipping:)

  4. I know there are already a ton of comments here, but I just want to add another one to the pile - I assume anyone in a clothing section is there for a reason, just like me, regardless of gender presentation. The only time I'd ever feel uncomfortable or think about someone else there at all is if they were doing something directly to me like leering or making comments. Asking questions would never bother me either! I'd be excited to be able to help.

  5. Have you tried Comexim? You can get them from Breakout Bras and the half cup has a lot of projection. The sizing can be weird, but I love them once I figured out my size!

  6. I'll give them a try! I reached out to theirs and Levana's customer service for fit advice:) Thanks!

  7. I found a company on Amazon called Rosme. I bought 2 of the balconette bras in 36g and love them. They are surprisingly comfortable and affordable.

  8. I'm interested in the Elomi, and either of the polish bras if the previous commenter doesn't take them both!

  9. Yes it is! DM me an address if you'd like it and I'll buy the shipping label and mark it as taken.:)

  10. All except the cosabella have been claimed through

  11. Hi - once I know which ones the first commenter would like I'll let you know if any of the 36DDs are still available right away.:)

  12. I'm not sure if you're still looking, but I just posted a bunch of bras in these sizes I'd be happy to send for shipping.:)

  13. I don't have anything in my inbox, but I'll keep an eye out:)

  14. I might be interested in the 80F comexim. I'm still trying to find my size - the calculator on ABTF puts me at a 36E/F. Can you tell me anything about how this might fit for wide roots, medium projection, even distribution?

  15. I'm just reading comments here because I'm procrastinating from work I'm supposed to be doing. 🤣 I think you should get the device. It's not something I personally would want, but just based on what you said in the comments, I think you did your homework and are curious about it. You seem to want it. That's reason enough!! The box is supposed to be fun, and it's a low risk thing. If it doesn't work out, you're not out much, but if it does, you win! I hope you post about your experience bc I'm curious. 😄

  16. this is such an absolutely lovely comment. thank you so much. I did end up getting it and I will post about it! My suspicion is that I'll have fun trying it, and it will feel really nice but possibly not do a lot, which is honestly fine with me.:)

  17. Customization 1: Remove the Fenty choice. Amika is amazing. I know nothing about the Lumina but worth a try for $15. | Customization 2: great choice | Customization 3: For your skin, remove the Kate Somerville Foaming Wash, it will dry out your skin where as the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser will nourish and hydrate your skin while giving it a gentle clean. Too Faced liner is so smooth and precise. The lipstick shade is nice but looks like it wouldn’t match every skin tone, it’s on the darker side imo, so I would remove that also if you think it might be too dark for your skin tone. | Customization 4: Definitely shoot for the Amika Hydration Treatment — it won’t weigh your waves down (just don’t be too liberal) and you might even find the hydration helps your waves to be less weighed down and more texturized. Every Korres product I have tried has been lovely and not overly scented. | Customization 5: I recommend TriVectin for a neck cream as it has proven results. Not sure if there’s something else in that category you like but I’m not a huge fan of Earth Harbor products. | Customization 6: I’ve heard really good things about Erno Laszlo soaps, although I have not tried it yet myself.

  18. thank you for taking the time to go through all the choices!:) it absolutely did help.:) I was weirdly waffling about the Korres but I'm really excited for it now.

  19. Does anyone have and not want the L'Occitane hand cream? Looking to purchase!

  20. I absolutely hate that we have no real ability to see personal offer history. Sure I can scroll notification for forever (definitely not feasible for me) but it won't even say who the offers have gone to. If I have 10 likers and did a rolling otl all I can see is how many people each offer went to, not who it went to. I can't believe posh has let this lack of a feature go on for years lol It really seems so basic to include as if the platform should have basically had it built in from the day they started allowing sellers to send offers. It just should come with the territory.

  21. right? and the structure for it obviously exists, since you can see it once a new offer exists. it's pretty inexplicably bad design

  22. Hi! I just clicked on your page and it is showing that your items are “not for sale”. I’d also recommend using a white background / hanging them up on your wall for a consistent & more clear background.

  23. Hi! Yes, my shop was on vacation hold when you checked. Thanks for the feedback!

  24. I had that once with someone who pulled out and dinged the side of my pos pickup (

  25. almost this exact situation happened to me in undergrad (in my POS tank of an 1988 oldsmobile, which they hit pulling out in a newish white mustang). i said it really wasnt a big deal, just be careful, but they did call the cops and take it to insurance. i sent the insurance the pics and a statement and a couple months later i got a check for repairs (lol) and I'd hazard a guess they got a fat insurance rate increase. smh.

  26. Yes, and I sincerely hope those inconvenienced by the flood got comped a night.

  27. They moved us to a suite and comped the night! and also delivered a little basket of snacks and waters a bit after they moved us. We were in the room directly across from ground zero.

  28. that was absolutely a love letter to the ice

  29. the landings right on the beat, the energy, the speed

  30. Hanyu's program layout is normal, OP is being a silly goofy guy.

  31. Can anyone who has the live ISU scores link send it in the thread again?


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