Self Aligining Nails! How?

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A gun that can tie you up

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. He actually listed the 320 and FCU in his Top 5 Handguns video.

  2. Welp. I’ve been waiting for an 8.3” version for months, but this complicates the decision since it’s actually in stock lol

  3. I’m just happy that i now get the Halloween music using the Halloween scenery 😅

  4. This is what happens when you bathe in Reign Energy


  6. Get you an Alaskan King bed! 2 ft longer and 3 ft wider than a California King! It’s 9 ft x9 ft lol

  7. “Best I can do is a twitter verification and I’ll name my next kid after the next Captcha you get”

  8. FYI don’t buy any optics off Amazon, even brand name ones. they’re plagued with fakes and you can almost always find them cheaper elsewhere

  9. For the 16” rifle version is good with the 3x prism.

  10. When you slightly pull the slide back to check to see if there is a round in the chamber.

  11. Not at all, unless gravity doesn't exist.

  12. So you’re saying there’s a chance?!

  13. Nice pistol. Im not big on striker fired but im considering this one. I appreciate it

  14. These just came out. And as a Sig fan boy, I’m telling you to give it some time to let Sig iron out any issues.

  15. It’s either going to be a case of “we pranked you idiots, he’s not dead”

  16. I bet you he isn’t gonna be mentioned in the show ever again and a comic or something says that he survived

  17. I mean he’s in the show Star Wars: Rebels and Kenobi takes place before that, so he has to survive somehow…

  18. “Somehow, the Grand Inquisitor has returned”

  19. Tasers often do not go through thick clothing like hoodies or jeans very well and the barbs won’t go into the skin

  20. Yeah I’m about to fold and get a Zastava M92

  21. Good ole Sig beta testing. Took them long enough to do what everyone else is doing.

  22. Thanks. So only rumors, or officially announced?

  23. I think it’s only rumors that the Gen 3 is going to be the based on Sigs NGSW

  24. Every site I've seen them on have them for $2200 to $2400.

  25. Is a Gen 1 .308 for $2100 a good price?

  26. Stick them all in an old gym duffel bag or an old suitcase you don’t use

  27. I was really hoping for an epic fight between

  28. The P320's seem to be over sprung to account for the +p+ military ball loads. The aftermarket guide rod lets you tune the spring weight to the load. I've got a assortment of 9mm's and a reload that works fine in all of them except my M17 with the captured guide rod. It sometimes bobbles on them as they barely dribble out the ejection port.

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