1. I had to blow a breathalyzer after a field sobriety test and the look on the cop's face when it came back zero was worth the trouble. Got pulled over for a busted headlight and instantly put through a field test. It was stupid.

  2. Had to think if this bit from Randy Feltface:

  3. I hear they always have to send four if they want at least one to actually arrive.

  4. It's not technically wrong but translation is more nuanced than that. "Children of the world" and "Children of the planet" are the same in Russian, but in English "world" conveys the poetic intent of the poster much more closely because "planet" is more technical to most people.

  5. I actually think the world building carried this series way further than the plot or characters.

  6. It's some of the worst world building I've ever seen. Stuff is getting invented as necessary and never mentioned again. Nothing is interconnected. Conflicts are simply disregarded.

  7. It’s bewildering why nobody sues Tesla, one of the richest companies on earth, for its myriad of promises and predictions that did not materialize on products that people paid a lot of money for.


  9. Now make a mechanism so the water doesn't slosh when it starts and stops.

  10. As someone who occasionally needs to cut trees down on my forested property, this was really helpful. Thanks for posting!

  11. Here is a video from his old channel where they explain different face cuts:

  12. Damn! Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker together couldn't write a low down blues song that sad. Having said that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

  13. Yeah, those acts of God really stick it in and break it off, don't they?

  14. Since it was from a machinist magazine, I would imagine the readers were actually pretty smart and just didn’t like the hassle of having to incorporate a new measuring system when they already had one that works.

  15. Billy Butcher : What's Sporty Spice up to?

  16. I’m glad this stuff is getting exposed, it’s time people realize the problem isn’t just the number of trips, it’s the hubris of owning a private jet, and loaning it out casually.

  17. Prosecutors "stack" charges causing offenders and their attorneys to look at pleas for lesser charges as a win. We're all about convicting people without trials.

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