1. Thanks for sharing. Im ranger myself so will be usefull during my time.

  2. Reading this with sir Attenboroughs voice makes the whole thing 10 times better.

  3. Its a balance that can be adjusted, but most players use their strongest team on offense. Why? That way have more control over the war as long as youre active.

  4. Weird. I have been communicating with them for a while now, waiting for a fix to something.

  5. The chat bot is the thing that keeps asking you questions before the call is opened.

  6. People expected gamma (a war team) to be succesful in raids. Doom 3 raids to be exact. And they got disappointed somehow.

  7. Because we are expected to do the work of the company.

  8. You downvote a person for being right but you play a game that keeps messing up?

  9. I didn't down vote any one. The IP is what brings and keeps people in this game

  10. Sounds like a lot, but honestly this comment right here is also about 168 taps. The anoying part is the delay between taps for blitzing. Wont be too long till a sim all

  11. If they added a SIM queue that let you keep scrolling through your teams, the delay would mostly be handled, but that's far too big an ask for this team to implement

  12. Well they did implement sim in the first place. 2 times as a matter of fact

  13. It’s listed in TOS “You are prohibited from renting, selling, gifting, or giving away your Account or Account-related information.” So yes, it’s breaking TOS. Kinda easy to spot as well when people on YouTube posted their profile page with their PID in the past and it doesn’t add up with their current account.

  14. You sir, are correct. However chances are everything will be fine when you just take over an alliance mates account if hes quiting for example.

  15. Actually no it's not fine taking over an Alliance mates account. That would be considered gifting which also breaks the TOS. Does Scumpley really care? Hell no. They love it. Feeds the Game addiction process.

  16. Thats what i meant. Its against tos, but doing it that way will be fine in terms of they likely wont even know. Compared to selling it on a public platform.

  17. Just wondering why special and not ult? And do you think a 900k weaponx can take out 1.06 mil dormhold?

  18. To add to this. You can also just use his special first second and let the time run out. Otherwise you risk just timing out without doing damage. His special cuz his ult hits others which may trigger someone to go mayham or heal dorm or whatever. Not sure as i dont use darkhold too much myself, but thats what i remember happened to me when not hitting single target hehe.

  19. Just restsrting. For me the find option is working pretty wel lately, but others have to restart a few times. Re installing shouldnt be necesarry.

  20. If its 1 day hes off easy. Happened 4 days in a row last week. Now im breezing through it again. RNG was in a bad mood

  21. Any conciderable difference in commander level or tcp etc? Otherwise probably AB testing.

  22. I mean the shift in opinion. First theres no rewards for spending more than 2.5 which wasnt alright for some, now theres milestones up to 6m rather than 2.5, and now its not alright cuz its paywalled.

  23. You may be correct in your depiction of an abusive relationship. Players do tend to constantly criticize the CM’s and devs saying that they are doing it because they love the game and they are being so critical all the time only because they want the game to be better.

  24. Did they fix the shang chi bug? Had rogue target and AB wong a few times now, but no option to attack shang chi afterwards with mlf 🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. yes, they did with the 6.4 Update. I've posted a video without glitches, but my DH is 850k in that video :/

  26. Thanks! For some reason i got really lucky on try 4 and i got it 3 stars with 750k ish DH 😁

  27. Careful “maintenance mode “ is a trigger on this Reddit.

  28. because they trolls who just want to regurgitate the same info instead of just answering the question.

  29. Yeah its wild how rants, memes and whatever are getting so much attention where honest question are often left in the dust.

  30. Typically a patch contains various updates to the game along with fixes to some issues. I guess they just focus more on the update part in a patch rather than the fixing part in a patch. At least lately.

  31. Proper karma farm comment, but he isnt wrong though. Unless maybe on the farming part as that issue seems to be coming and going for some players. Weird bug.

  32. Swgoh is similar and theres a disney one as well and a DC version (waiting on release i think).

  33. They made 5 mil, which is laughably bad compared to what they were making as little as a year ago. They're tanking.

  34. Covid lockdown messed with a lot of companies revenues. It was an unreal spike and its now just settling on more realistic numbers.

  35. If you consider anything that is turn based team battle as the same, you'll be waiting a long time for a new mode in this turn based team battle game.

  36. Thanks, edited it from 4 to 3 with some explanation to go with it.

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