1. It is actually just "Dnipro", "Dnipropetrovsk" is an old soviet name

  2. I think that tattoo art is bad ass and well done. It’s not his fault he was born in Russia and brainwashed to believe their propaganda.

  3. SS and Swastika tattoos made by nazis in ww2 is also badass?

  4. Payday 2 and Wh40k Dark Tide. Their soundtracks are an absolute bangers

  5. Who is this one person who picked "Sad"? I mean why would someone picked that

  6. Blackouts in my country because of fucking Russians

  7. Jesus, i thought it was the original post at first

  8. Hi, send you a dm. I'm starting casual discord server for players who don't have group to play with

  9. І ти реально думаєш що під час повномасштабної війни наші спецслужби підуть вбивати школярів десь на Росії? Типу нащо їм це робить? Чисто поржать?

  10. Idk exactly but it may be the bombing of infrastructure which lowers the amount of resources you get from the region, or if you were importing steel by sea it could be blocked by enemy submarines

  11. Maybe you set your trade law to free trade? It is the only way you could lost that much steel while not being at war

  12. Russia is just a drunk father beating its children.

  13. I can agree on the drunk part, but not the children one

  14. You think it's unbalanced? What should change about the archer class?

  15. I think it's balanced enough already, but anyway its just so annoying getting shot while you are fighting someone or just running away with low HP

  16. Lol, i was banned from r lgbt because i said to sam MtF trans she should brush her teeth more

  17. Have you seen russian protests? They were running in a group of like 20-30 guys from one fat cop, and now they are just making "horovods" in the sign of the protest. Russians now can't do anything because of their mentality, where most of them support the war, and others just dont give a shit or cant do anything useful.

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