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  1. Dude get baking together! Food is a love language anyway, the conversation will start about bread, then inevitably lead on to other topics, then smoke one and enjoy the fruits of your labour

  2. Sir...SIR! That was like Tokyo Drift but with a jet...I am now a new ma

  3. I found a game called Enlisted. WW2 FPS where 1-2 bullets actually gets you a kill. It's PvE so humans AND bots on the teams. Bots aren't all that smart though so it gives some easier kills, meaning less grind and more game enjoyment. Different soldier classes, oh and FACTION LOCKED WEAPONS as well as time locked weapons! Meaning guns that weren't available u til the battle of Berlin, won't be found anywhere else except the Berlin campaign. I think its a great game and something all FPS shpoters should try and emulate, but that's just me

  4. Engineer of my dreams AND you support the tanks, if I don't call you my hero, I'm calling you Michael Jordan for that yeet of the explosion pack

  5. Definitely aggression. She looks like she's ready to grab your hand and tear chunks off of it lol

  6. Looks like the grounds I played rugby at when I went up to the Isle of Sheppey, same hill incline too

  7. Well there is no other way to play the damn tanks becasue idiot Infantry cant cover your ass if there life depended on it.

  8. I'm gonna say this, and I've also made a video and posted it here to prove it: Russian tanks aren't all they're hyped up to be. Stop using that as an excuse. Got a problem with turret traversal? Move the hull as well to make your aiming slightly faster. Also, take a look at the tanks in the campaign bit where you can actually have a look at their armour, crew positions and modules like the fuel tanks or ammo rack. If you can't be bothered to do that, then in short you need to shoot the turret ring. I refer to it as the "shoot here to win spot". OR there's the side and back of the turret which houses ammo racks and will 90-99% of the time take out the entire tank. The grind isn't impossible, im in my Panther and I wreck shit on a semi- daily basis. It's just a case of knowing how to play to the Panzer's strengths and expose the T-34's weaknesses.

  9. "shouldering a machingun isnt fun" well im sure most people dislike shoulder pain

  10. There's pictures in WW2 of men using their buddies ' shoulder to fire the mg from, add in temporary deafness to that list too eh?

  11. Yeah figures, but I can't imagine that would be much help when the gun barrel is inches from your head though

  12. Came here to also see if anyone else pointed this out to you, your response is perfect, sir

  13. Make Stalingrad free, Advertise the game, make the AI actually intelligent (I've killed too many bot squads 1 by 1 and they sit there looking at me as if to ask what I just did to their friends). Secondary content would be nice too.. maybe some easter eggs or things put into the game to pay homage to other games/movies... just some of my thoughts recently

  14. Gonna say it. Us. Humans. We should go extinct. Look at what we've done to the planet, nature, and outer space. We are the most wasteful, murderous animal on the planet. Look at how nature started to recover during COVID lockdowns... now we're out and the order of life is back to the same, destructive way it was before.

  15. I must be the exception, the 2H tank is usually what I revert to after a few hours 🤣

  16. "Aaauuuuughhhh" -sees player watching- "AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH"

  17. A: By pushing a cake in a customers face they're proving they're a liability.

  18. Not really. Anyone can reach the end of their tether, but in "liability" I assumed you meant a danger to themselves. So that my bad for misunderstanding you, chief. I do agree on that point t though, yeah there's ways to get them to pay, but were they going to? Probably not...

  19. Okay, so while I agree that walking away is an option, you then lose the chance at getting them to pay. So there's that.

  20. I really don't know much about hockey but I saw a German game or two (shaooooow go ice tigers!) I'm pretty sure they weren't cool with fighting in their league.

  21. Ah, in Europe the rules are different, I think with fighting in the EIHL (Elite ice Hockey League) based in the UK and Ireland its a match penalty and possibly suspension for fighting. I'm not sure why, but I'd be curious to see the penalty call amounts of dirty plays in comparison with other leagues. It could open up more ways or thoughts of either eliminating fighting, or eliminating the stick rats. I refer to hockey as Rugby on ice, which is great. I love fast paced contact sports, add into it that there's fighting and im there. Once a day and twice on a Sunday

  22. I wish it were as simple as your terribly short comment. I'm a fan of justified violence. If a big hit is shoulder to shoulder, play on man. If it's from behind, through the numbers, high, or some other shit then yeah let's rock and roll for a shift. As I said above. Hockey is best played on the verge of chaos.

  23. There’s no such thing as northern Irish, there’s the Irish and the colonists. Once Scotland leaves the UK and a United Ireland becomes inevitable the hardline colonists will go home.

  24. Every country in the world recognises N.I. as a country. Its just part of the U.K. which is less U, and more Q, soon to be K again. So I'm afraid, sir/madam that there indeed IS such a thing as Northern Irish. Good day to you

  25. I don't understand why everyone only has a cup of tea. I fill an entire litre flask of tea and it's literally like drinking from the fountain of the Gods

  26. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this. On the walk to work on a cold morning, the gods do indeed bless us for your sharp thinking

  27. And yet, if you imitate a Latino accent, you can actually say it quickly 🤣

  28. I wish we could figure out who it is so I can see the whole thing

  29. Yeah but overall it's the employment of Tanks, not tanks themselves nor infantry that won it

  30. That and the planning that went into it. If we're talking France here, I mean. The Germans essentially flanked the Maginot line then split the English and French armies apart. The following blitzkrieg with their early panzers was too quick, too well planned and too well organised for the French, Belgians, and English. An attack in the Ardennes wasnt thought to be a viable option (a lesson the allies would learn twice in the war) and so the weakest part of the combined Allied army was in the centre. Also, a valuable thing that always gets overlooked is troop morale. The Germans were some highly motivated men who thought they were invincible and it showed in the way they fought too. Quick, slicing attacks, no mercy for the defense, and the strategic and operational superiority of the Luftwuffe played a huge part as well. So.. yes you're right, but there's a lot more to it

  31. Yup. Employment of everything, organization and coordination!

  32. I think the word you mean is deployment lol, but yeah the allied generals were expecting WWI style, they thought wrong

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