1. Man earthquake just seems like a thing we are utterly helpless against. This looks horrifying.

  2. We’re not really helpless since we know exactly where they can occur. We just choose to build cities in areas where they are likely to occur.

  3. You may know exactly where they may occur, but you seem to be utterly clueless to the complexity of why people live there. When do you think these regions were originally inhabited? What economic factors are at play to move away from the place you were born and your entire support network is?

  4. nej jag menar att andra tjejer tjänar betydligt mer än det jag gett henne utan att vara scammers, hon är fin väldigt fin hon kan lätt tjäna pengar på onlyfans men det är olagligt i syrien

  5. Du vet väl att Syrien är och har varit en krigszon sedan långt innan någon jordbävning? Flyktingströmmarna från Syrien har varit stora under lång tid så vad håller henne där? För det är inte syriska myndigheterna…

  6. nej det är hon inte, hon får inte lämna landet det släpper inte ut henne.

  7. Baserat på ditt svar så är du ett troll. Förstår dock inte vad du får ut av detta… trollar du inte så har du förmodligen lite mentala svårigheter som jag råder dig söka hjälp för.

  8. If you want some good information on the war you should try The Telegraph’s podcast: Ukraine the latest. You’ll find it on Spotify and they have new episodes every weekday.

  9. Some people are just very good with languages and it comes naturally to them. I bet that this guy is above average intelligence and would be able to learn pretty much any language in no time.

  10. Det låter nästan som att du helt missat att ”Bevara Sverige Svensk” var namnet på en i högsta grad rasistisk organisation.

  11. Har du något konstruktivt att komma med i diskussionen?

  12. Du borde åtminstone läsa SD:s egna vitbok, innan du gör bort dig ännu mer.

  13. Jag känner till SDs historia tackar som frågar, så du behöver inte oroa dig för att jag ska göra bort mig. Jag känner även till Socialdemokratins historia.

  14. Never wait, prepare all the time. Your defenses will never be done so keep fighting before you have to actually fire.

  15. Fairly priced? 999 SEK (~$96) here in Sweden… VAT is included in the price (25%) so $71.50 is the actual price.

  16. They do not need that long to bounce back with the western support after the war, trust me.

  17. It’s not ethnic cleansing if they want to move to Russia instead of living in Ukraine. So any Russians has a right to the territory he or she occupies and any given moment?

  18. How did the cameraman know what was about to happen? 🤔

  19. You’re seeing the second or third hit.

  20. I personally like the imperial officers, my favorite being Krennic. Other than that I enjoy the simplicity of the original stormtrooper.

  21. Is it me, or did the grenade take a bizarre path to the target?

  22. It looks like the drone moves right after the drop, so the grenade is falling straight down and the drones perspective is changing.

  23. Russia casually losing a battalion each day without flinching.

  24. JAS Gripen is a much better fit for Ukraine but F16s are more numerous.

  25. We (the collective west) will never allow Russia to win and will never leave Ukraine to fight on their own. We have long passed the point of no return with regards to ensuring Ukrainian victory (in any way, shape or form).

  26. mate.. i just have to give you some credits one more time for this amazing army. i‘m still coming back to this post to check, what i still need to complete my own. i hope we get an updated version in 2023

  27. Thanks! Yea, I’m planning to update it sometime this spring, we’ll se how I do. Will be fun to see yours as well.

  28. “Western media”… private companies in capitalist democracies leaning left and right… they all agree for the most part that Russia is a terrorist state at this point.

  29. What if they are be given drugs to make them feel bullet proof.

  30. I don’t know of a drug that would make you feel invulnerable while still being combat effective. But I guess running head first at a wall doesn’t require effective maneuvering so maybe. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  31. In the case of rolling over France it was probably recreational meth.

  32. I’m also an adult collector and started again during the pandemic. At first I bought a few smaller sets but didn’t get much out of it so I quickly moved to UCS.

  33. Nu är det ju inte det vi menar när vi säger 1:a, 2:a eller 3:a... Vi menar rum + kök. Du får inte 2 rum + kök på 37kvm... Lösningen från fastighetsägarna är "öppen planlösning" som gör köket och vardagsrummet till ett rum.

  34. Vi kan inte bygga oss ur bostadsbristen utan att marknaden havererar så håll inte andan. Det finns ingen politiker i något parti som vill lösa bostadskrisen på bekostnad av väljarna. De allra fattigaste får sina lägenheter betalda av staten och de allra rikaste får sina lån betalade av staten (till viss del). De stackarna som varken är rika eller fattiga får ta smällen och stå utan bostad eller helt enkelt betala 12 000kr för en "tvåa" på 35kvm.

  35. Awesome haul! The scout fighter is really an underrated set!

  36. Looks really good but those minifigs where a lot pricier than I expected.

  37. When and where did you order from? Country I mean..

  38. Oh I’m from the UK and I brought off Amazon for £119.99 and unfortunately the product is out of stock and it could take time until I get it

  39. I see, that’s a huge difference in price, I guess because of brexit? I usually get mine sent from Germany.

  40. I hope they go for more MBS rather than UCS. If that is the case, MBS Jabba’s Palace or if it has to be UCS.. Jabba’s Sail Barge.

  41. Take your time, don’t press hard on the red pieces and enjoy the build.

  42. One batch of himars, one hundred AK-salvos, drone dropped muntions, many big explosions....

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