1. Yeah but probably most of the 100% birds have fled

  2. There’s a couple people who have caught Galar moltres

  3. Whereas shadow ducklett does quite well in little cup

  4. i feel you'd probably want the no attack stat stats for that though.

  5. Maybe slightly lower but still, as a shadow it hits pretty hard

  6. Yes when you get to ace you’re eligible to encounter legendaries after winning 3 battles or 1 with premium passes.

  7. Leaning more towards Gardevoir but I’m not sure which would be the best option

  8. Hate to break it to you but since it’s female it can inly become Gardevoir

  9. I thought you could make it whatever you want?

  10. Nah it has to be male to be gallade, Gardevoir can be either male or female

  11. I love when I use Crunch and never see a debuff but when opponents cast it I get debuffed.

  12. Same thing but with night slash, I never get boosted attack yet opponents literally 9/10 times get boosted

  13. Bro shiny feebas. SICK. Real flex is that mareep tho damn

  14. After looking at some sims the whole cup would revolve around galarian weezing.

  15. Well, mawile would resist it slightly, I think it could be interesting

  16. like not shiny and without the special move lol

  17. Special move and shiny ain’t out yet. Idk why you’re complaining, a Hundo is a Hundo, especially when it’s a useful one

  18. so having a 100% of him doesn't make you ready for community day noob .

  19. ? Yes it does. Means you can max it out. Stardust is easy to come by. Don’t see why you have to feel you need to insult me, the new move we don’t know if it’s gonna be better than shadow ball.

  20. Now get an auto-catcher to spin those gyms and stops while your phone charges. Pokeballs for daaaays.

  21. Oh it's a bluetooth device that links to your phone. Niantic make one themselves, but there are third party devices that automate spinning stops and catching mons. Gotcha and Dual Catchmon are popular but there are others as well.

  22. Depends what you want to do with it. Purifying would you give you a Hundo that is a pretty decent mega. However, you will eventually get a Hundo venusaur as normal, so I’d keep this one shadow personally as shadow venusaur is a good attacker. But it’s not my game so you do what ever you want with it!

  23. Austin to Mexico to Brazil then back to US, so much unnecessary travel

  24. The only one that seems logical is Singapore-Japan. Other than that it’s all over the place.

  25. Yeah, Bahrain and Saudi is logical. But then wait till end of season for Qatar. No. No sense

  26. Surely the attack debuff makes it less worth it than a normal 90-odd percent.

  27. I’m pretty sure the attack is the same for purified and for normal, but mega is stronger than shadow in a very large amount of cases

  28. can i know why people black out the eyes

  29. And how does one spoof battle league rewards exactly? Care to explain?

  30. Did we ask? No. We are here to help OP, not Lauren to how well your fiancé can throw a ball. Take that somewhere else

  31. I thought you could only access niantic wayfarer at level 38 and start nominating poke stops at that level. Unless they changed it

  32. Apparently not, it’s 37 apparently now. When did they change it if anyone knows?

  33. Yeah that’s the point, takes candy to get to and is ranked at number 17 for UL on

  34. Stunfisk’s max cp is like 2100 something plus it takes a hell lot of candies no one would logically use it in UL

  35. ? It’s max cp reaches 2500. And it’s good pretty great ranking in UL. Check it on

  36. Play Pokémon games outside of go, and find out

  37. Why he horrible and not just answer OP’s question? What’s the need to be horrible

  38. Is there any use for a 15/15/14 shadow ducklett?

  39. What cp is it? When little cup eventually comes back out, if it’s under 500cp it’s quite useful for that

  40. You get small amounts of google play credit for answering questions from them, usually 3 or 4 multiple choice questions takes 10 seconds. Ive had £107.66 over a fair few years from them.

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