1. How long has it been this way? Have you had covid or another illness in the last 6 to 8 months? Injury trauma to the finger recently?

  2. For 5 years. I will try to grow out my nail and then it will just separate. I usually just keep my nail short but this time I cut my nail as far as I could to see what was going on under there and I saw that it dips. No recent or chronic illnesses. I’ve been tested for fungus. The rest of my nails are long and strong.

  3. I think the OP is the one who has her face blurred in photo 1, and then in photo 2, it's OP and her friends (I believe that photo is establishing the location and event). I don't think Alex is in either of these photos.

  4. In the texts sent to Will, they said Alex was wearing a red dress. Do you remember her wearing something similar to that at the concert?

  5. We all feel our memories are tainted now because we all saw the blurry pics before we talked about what she was wearing.

  6. Saw Ned & Alex at Harry Styles on Sept 1. Just them and Alex seemed annoyed to be recognized.

  7. orly? did you just pass them or were you near them for the concert itself?

  8. I saw them on the escalators on our way to our seat. It was 9pm so we were rushing bc Harry was about to go on. I took a picture with Ned. They got off with us in 200 so they would of just been sitting in normal seats l

  9. Are you sure you don't have psoriasis of the nail because this is a common trait. Do you have joint pain as well?

  10. How could I find out if I have psoriasis ? Or is there anything I could do to treat ? No joint pain

  11. What is the mail birds name? Mine didn't come with a tag :(

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