1. Must win to get a tad bit of distance away from The Heat and gain in closer for the 5th seed. Tough Ls against the Cavs but I think we can still take them down the wire in a series

  2. Probably not ever. No one thought SGA would make a superstar leap. Optimistic fans had him pegged for a future All-star, but not this.

  3. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Nets will remain atleast medicore so getting off Simmons and attaching a couple of picks isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Sean Marks to consider. Either that or let Ben sit in the bench collecting checks.

  4. He would not join the clippers if PG was not there, period

  5. Yup. And PG was top 3 in MVP voting that year or something like that. On what planet in 2019 do you not trade Shai for a all nba/all defense MVP caliber player in PG, which further got you the recent champion and Toronto’s FMVP in Kawhi?

  6. I saw some Cavs fans in the thread that said Cleveland would prefer Brooklyn be their opponent in round 1 of the playoffs suggest that a way to accomplish this would be for the Cavs to throw today and Thursday's games @ Brooklyn an then beat the Knicks.

  7. Sucks for them cause they are most likely getting the Knicks in the 5th seed.

  8. This is my personal account. I try to be active with everyone, I love making new instagram friends. :)

  9. i really think KD was a huge dick to him and fucked with his game honestly

  10. Mitchell Robinson can put a cork in it. Even Knicks gotta know he ain't the best center in NYC, that's all Clax

  11. Remember when Knicks fans tried to convince folks that Mitchell Robinson was gonna have a better future than Jarrett Allen?

  12. Nets have won 5 of their last 6. The one loss had the G League Nets playing.

  13. Everyone showed up for the nets today. Dfs and Royce were huge today

  14. Respect the pettiness of Nets fans lol. It's not about this season for us though.

  15. It’s not even aimed at Dallas. It’s aimed directly at y’all shooting guard

  16. We'd be much better with Kyrie instead of Dinwiddie and DFS

  17. We would but besides injury, we could count on DFS and Winwiddie to atleast show up and play

  18. Dude Kyrie is playing this year. The mandate is over. He's way better than Dinwiddie and DFS

  19. I would never sit here and even suggest they are better then Kyrie combined. The problem is reliability.

  20. We have no Ja, Clarke, or adams. Both teams are short

  21. Grizzlies can win games without those dudes. Mavs were barely winning WITH their Main engine Luka and Kyrie. Now they without both. Yikes

  22. Yup. The worst road playoff team beating the team with the higher seed with the best homecourt advantage in the league. Sounds legit.

  23. If there’s any team that should have the benefit of the doubt, it’s the warriors. They’ve earned that much even if it sounds delusional

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