1. How do you feel when someone you know doesn’t love someone back?

  2. Like I said. The very existence of the church today is already proof of Christianity and the risen Jesus.

  3. How does the existence of the church prove anything? Does the existence of other religions prove they're true?

  4. Well considering you had to look through this reply to reply to this comment I’m sure you would have seen me saying the reasoning for it.

  5. You’re ignoring the fact that they still did it…

  6. Divine hiddenness is a just a prime example of the folly of the west, thanks to the Roman Catholics of course.

  7. We aren’t irrational animals thus it doesn’t matter what they do.

  8. Umm Jesus performing miracles doesn’t deny his humanity anymore than Moses and the prophets performing miracles would…

  9. Mat 3:9  And do not presume to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father,’ for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham.

  10. Lineage & succession is considered by God, but He frequently raised up stones when the line He originally called failed to commit to His Kingdom instead of their own.

  11. Yes there is a chance for any non believer to be saved. Of course it’s all up to God there.

  12. Yes but Peter was martyred in Rome and was bishop their last and his Successor was handed on to Linus who was bishop of rome

  13. That doesn’t change the fact that Peter first established Antioch and started in Jerusalem.

  14. I've been so far into psychosis that I thought I was a diety. But no, I'm not God. Unsure what you meant by that.

  15. That’s the thing. To be god doesn’t make you a deity.

  16. I describe some of my revelations from God as thoughts that I can somehow identify didn’t come from me. That’s kind of the only way I know to describe it. It’s how I was called into full time ministry, and how I’ve “heard” from God in other experiences.

  17. How are you sir it isn’t a demon if you only based it off “well it couldn’t have come from me therefore God?”

  18. Why did Lucifer rebel against God? This is a question I have that really for me is at the root of many things.

  19. Satan was literally around the throne and felt the presence of God right there…

  20. That comment was the epitome of ignorance… especially when he hasn’t explained at the start what does it mean to say “the bible is corrupted”.

  21. If you’re worried about it then you haven’t committed it.

  22. Yes it’s good stuff. With the right interpretation of course.

  23. If I had to take a guess it is due to the country being based on Christian principles.

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