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  1. I work at McDonald's. It's not the job I like it's the people I work with

  2. Here’s the thing about a stationary generator: sizing the emissions equipment and maximizing the thermal efficiency of the fuel is a CAKE WALK compared to automotive.

  3. Without a better look at the front; I’d probably still agree it’s a write off!

  4. Why not just get better at modeling so you don't get errors? /s

  5. When it pops up just drag it to the center of the screen before closing it. It will pop up there next time you get a warning.

  6. Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that solution sooner! It's so obvious in retrospect. I'm giving myself a mental pat on the back for not thinking of it. A big thank you, I am extremely grateful for your help and will always remember this moment of brilliance.

  7. This is why you should use an elevator to gain elevation. It's right there in the name!

  8. Bullshit. I’ve used metric for projects in Canada and it sucks. A door is 6’-8”… or in Canada it’s 2032mm??? A 2x4 is 38.1 x 76.2??????

  9. European here. We still buy sheets of wood in 4' x 8'. And lengths of any profile in steel come in 6'

  10. Is it true that they’re still fairly resistant to metric in the UK building industry, also? I’ve heard different things…

  11. Included in each male package at no cost to u is loneliness, no one caring about u, being used for money, and of course dont forget that refractory period. The rest is in the fine print

  12. Probably she gets to keep the female brain... ultimate power.....

  13. Thanks to the wonderful ppl of this subreddit, I have fallen in love with the options available to you when choosing the right torch for the job.

  14. I figured it out long time ago. I have to try it again and will get get back to you

  15. Filen has the potential to be big. I think I'm just gonna remove it atm, keep my lifetime licence and wait for some better updates / state at this point yeah

  16. Same here. I'm just using it for storage not file retrieval

  17. Use a bay window family, that way the geometry cuts the wall and only consists of one family. Hope this helps

  18. I did a freshman paper in biology on how this was possible, minus the alloys that didn't exist but I thought could or would be generated and my teacher laughed me to a D on the paper. This was in 1994 or 1995. Fuck you Mr. Balzan, I was right! Can I get my GPA corrected decades later? 🤣

  19. Who's Mr Balzan? That's the Village where I live and a surname in my country

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