1. I absolutely do this all the time! Seeing this actually makes me feel better because I thought I was so weird for doing it lol!!! You're not alone ❤️

  2. From the overwhelming amount of responses I'm very glad to see how far from alone I am on this! Very reassuring:)

  3. Omg I do this too and thought I'm the only one haha. I don't wanna know what my neighbors think of me since they are aware that I'm living alone

  4. To them, you could easily be just talking on the phone or to someone online but surely they don't really hear you anyways, you usually find you're not actually as loud as you think you're being!

  5. This is exactly like me, I can't make conversation with people properly at all, and thus why I have a lack of friends really, because I don't know how to talk to people. And before high school I definitely spoke a lot more but maybe this is because it is easier when you're younger, but you become more aware once you reach teen years. And again, sometimes even with my family I feel l like I'm barely able to talk to them as well. I feel that when it's a group of more than one other person it feels even worse, and if it's just one then it's just awkward. I've gotten so used to it these days though, so I only even think about it when I read posts like these and it's always kinda interesting since I've never met someone else who is like this

  6. Yeah! I have never met anyone like this either!... It seems like nobody gets it really and you feel like a complete insane person. Even my therapist doesn't understand what I mean when I say this. He's like "you're perfectly talking to me right now..." Yeah because I'm explaining my problem or talking about my depression and my completely messed up life situation. But it's not like I can talk about this with others ALL THE TIME because there's nothing else in my fucking brain. This is so exhausting. But I'm glad to hear you got used to it. I feel like an alien

  7. It was pretty cool when I found out there's others like me cause I used to think it was only me. I have been pretty much been surrounded by very confident people through life which intimidates me more and doesn't help me talk to them. But yeah when I know what I want like if I'm ordering something in a restaurant then I'm pretty okay with that usually!

  8. I can relate... How do you cope with this? Are you depressed (like me)? And if not how do you do this haha

  9. Well, sometimes it depresses me like when I've just experienced failing at talking to someone but a lot of the time it doesn't even bother me as much as it maybe should. I think it's cause I don't even mind just keeping to myself even though it does get lonely sometimes. I would rather ensure no one has to be in the same room as me cause I'm too awkward haha. I just keep my mind off it by doing the few things I do like to do by playing a game for example

  10. I tend to just find myself looking forward or slightly up to the sky when walking past someone, it's kind of automatic but something I do notice since I feel the rush when someone is approaching

  11. With family, which is still nice but part of me would rather just keep to myself still. My two younger siblings are spending it at parties with a load of friends, and there's me who is older and doesn't even do that

  12. I definitely do that sometimes, depends what the message is about, I think

  13. Yup, having the exact issue here. Must be a bug. Hopefully it is fixed fairly soon, but for now you could watch it in the safari/chrome app

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