1. Nope. Why should it be? They could be the sane on in a crazy family. They could have been abused (mentally and/or physically). Most people would get why you keep your distance

  2. I like it because of the difficulty, the fact that I don’t need a team to play it, and there’s always something you can work on and improve

  3. I play Miuras and they are super soft. I hit at the range a ton and play 2-3 times a week. I get lofts checked monthly.

  4. A few things immediately stick out. First, your volume is WAY too high. 60 reps of hip thrusts extensions and curls is no good.

  5. This makes a lot of sense thank you! Will lower volume for some strength stuff and then wait to get strength up before doing any plyos! Thank you :)

  6. No problem! If you have any more questions don’t hesitate. I used to play professionally and now I coach so holler if you need anything!

  7. Stretch your damn hips. Soooo many girls that I coached had bad knees stemming from their lack of mobility in their hips. Twice a day, stretch the hips and glutes. Just do it

  8. I was stretching my hips but forgot about my glutes and boy I am feeling it now! I also never expected to feel my top butt muscles working like they have haha

  9. Yep. I left to become a cad consultant for a major cad software company. Best decision I ever made

  10. Orange County National and Championsgate. Four courses between the two and they are always in great shape.

  11. Swinging too hard to frequently. It’s unnecessary and causes more harm in the long run.

  12. Other than what everyone else said about starting with a good float, I’ll take the bait on the actual post.

  13. No marriage is perfect. No marriage is 24/7 happiness. It’s about finding someone who makes you want to be the best version of yourself, and then respecting each other. Respect meaning give and take, sharing responsibilities, not cheating, communicating when something is wrong, etc.

  14. You are hitting on the way down instead of at your peak. Contact should be further infront of you. Crunch at contact to leverage your core for power.

  15. True, but outside of a certain distance (which is around 10-15' for most amateurs) if you're getting everything to the hole then you're leaving your 2nd putt distance a lot longer than if you're centering dispersion around the hole. The increase in 3-putt percentage far outweighs the increase in 1-putt percentage. Inside of 10', yeah, you need to get putts to the hole, but on longer putts good lag putting means about 50% will be short when you're optimizing putt rate.

  16. Came here to say exactly this. The phrase never up never in is the absolute worst. The moment I stopped trying to get every putt to the hole and rather said “I’m going to leave this putt 1 ft short” was the day my 3 putts started disappearing

  17. Jesus also didn’t lift weights, does that mean lifting on Christmas is bad?

  18. Awesome, plan on breaking the iron out this week…. If I can find it after all this working from home!

  19. Played Kiawah ocean course from the tips in 30-40mph wind. It was the single most difficult round of golf I’ve ever played

  20. It’s two separate games. The kings of today’s game couldn’t compete on big court.

  21. Yes. You are only punishing the players who have literally zero say in the decisions of their leaders

  22. He either needs to learn to jump and hit, or he needs to learn to effectively roll to the corners.

  23. This. Pull up videos of Kristen Nuss. Tiny, but gets served 95% of the time. You’ll have to block full time, and you won’t get many serves, so get good at setting. Your partner needs to also get good at throwing two ball options up for you on any easy serves.

  24. Not surprised. If you are playing golf regularly and trying to decrease your handicap you shouldn’t be playing mediocre golf balls. If you play every now and then, these will be just fine…and that’s their target audience

  25. Used to work for a major cad company. UI changes upset the older users. It’s a delicate situation

  26. That's why you do it gradually. Although Software as a Service can be costly, one of the major advantages is that a large part of your userbase always works with the latest version. Therefore your able to keep your UI up to date with small changes.

  27. Approach angle for outsides is key. You have to find the sweet spot FOR YOU. You need to be able to hit to 4 and 1 comfortably, so mess around with approach angles until you find your happy place

  28. What about on courts where the wall is about a meter from the sideline? Curved approach? Ask for an inside set? Both?

  29. In those situations sometimes I have my setter bring the sets a bit more middle. This gives me a chance to still get the angle that I want.

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