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  1. All men must die, but we are not men. Targaryen digit!

  2. Is there a place to read/see what is going on with Gwen/LoR plot line? I knew Gwen was a thing but I haven't seen any stories yet and with you mentioning some of the other Guardians involved, I feel like I missed something!

  3. I second this, I have zero info in taking up Runeterra but would love to know what’s going on in the Star Guardian plot?!

  4. I don’t think the color means anything anymore tbh… Not after this season. No one’s colors really match the previous themes established in seasons 1 and 2. That’s just what I think.

  5. I kind of imagine it’s like superheroes, they just show up to help when they can.

  6. I really don’t think so? I’m not sure why you would.

  7. I wonder when the English version will come out?!

  8. This video made me even more mad about the Wildrift skins. So much prettier and cohesive.

  9. Kayn is probably the guy I see most fitting Star Guardians after Ez, Rakan and Ekko. Probably the impulsive and popular hot guy (he would be the Red Guardian) who protects and is bestie with the pink Guardian.

  10. I won’t lie, I love the Wild Rift skins so much more than what we’ve seen so far for PC. They just feel for more classic Star Guardian to me? Not to mention Uncorrupted Rakan and Xayah which is all I’ve wanted since release.

  11. My username is Heliotherapy and I am always down for this! My usual mains are Poppy for Jungle/Top, Soraka, Janna and Rakan for Support and then Lux and Neek for Mid. I genuinely just play all the Star Guardians all the time.

  12. I had a relationship with The top X top X vers configuration. Friends used to say I was monopolizing nerd tops in my City haha

  13. I like the line up but it’s the “exclusives” for me. I own a lot of Star Guardian merch and this skin line actually got me into the game so knowing I can’t have all the skins unless I actually play the mobile app? That’s a bummer.

  14. I usually run Renly… Just so I can use Brienne. She’s my favorite character so that’s the fun one for me. But the strongest one I use is definitely Eldon. He makes some tanks.

  15. I am miserably jealous that a reseller found this.

  16. I thought it was worth it because printing and updating seemed like a lot of work! That’s just my opinion though. :)

  17. I think Lanistar and Baratheon. Baratheons have a lot of options and Lanistar have so much variety with whoever the commander is.

  18. I want to get in on this for the Shadow Cat and Zombie Rogue figures but I’m worried that a late pledge won’t get me those. Is that the case?

  19. I had to order Baratheon Heroes 1 from the UK so I feel your pain. I’m not quite sure what the US isn’t getting any of these.

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