1. I could not understand why Flannel was in men's line and all the reviews talked about buying for man. I made a review saying buy for women in your life it smells just like the candle.

  2. I don't like Vanilla scents and I love Wrapped In Vanilla. It is a cozy cookie scent. Nothing like those other vanilla scents.

  3. Funny since they really weren't gonna be cheaper then the normal price. Then GC raised the price and then again and then $13.99 is actually a bit more than the Walmart price now. :) The question is what will be the Walmart sale price or will there not be one? At least there is still free shipping at $35 so that'll save $6 or $7 if they have what you want.

  4. Iif you buy in store you don't have to pay shipping at all. Hoping they are $10 Black Friday like YC is.

  5. No real difference. You don't pay shipping going in store but you do pay gas and wear and tear on the vehicle but who orders less than $35 on the site or deals with the in store experience for less than $35 worth of stuff. Your gonna grab something while you are there since you are there to take advantage of the prices. If you are gonna get some GC there is the bill gonna be less than $35?

  6. Today I went in store to see if they had any and didn't buy anything.

  7. I saw the mini cologne is on sale in that scent. What does it smell like?

  8. I've never been able to use coupons with sales that require a code or email. Matter of fact they didn't even let me get sale price if I didn't receive email.

  9. Ok now that’s a little over the top. If you put in your phone number & have a rewards account even if you don’t have the physical email for some reason they should be honoring the sale price. Every store I worked at had a little printout of the barcode at every register that you could scan for customers who didn’t have the barcode for whatever reason but were signed up for emails.

  10. This was few yrs ago I get them now. Also Mi was not reward state until they expanded to all states .

  11. I'm sure price will go down. Whenever something is new they charge highest price but then it drops alot.

  12. I still own a full FFM and Body cream. I never empty anything or even half use.

  13. I just got bird nest cookie and I also got Hungry Bunny yesterday so have not burned yet. Hungry Bunny smells just like an almond cookie. Bird Nest Cookie smells like creme brulee.

  14. One of my favorites. An outlet near me had it for $8 and I picked up a few.

  15. I like Goose Creek better. If they had a store, I would be in trouble. They are coming to Walmart next month but only their core scents.

  16. I don't even pay that much for a entire bed in bag set. $25 is most I pay for a blanket.

  17. I hated it on cold sniff so I left it on shelf

  18. It is like a smokey forest scent. Not like cologne . Mostly tree scent.

  19. I don't even attempt returns anymore. I thought PB&J stunk on cold do I didn't buy it. Everyone was like it improves when you burn it I was like I'm not taking that chance!

  20. Yeah I rarely have returns. I think the last thing I returned was last year pre-changes and that was because it was something my MIL bought me and I didn't like.

  21. I used to return all the time because 50% would end up with no throw. Now I only buy at outlet when they are less than $10 plus I use coupon.

  22. I was able to smell both and didn’t get either. The lemon one was way too sweet for me, smelled like the lemon drops candy, and I just felt like the other one was a meh scent. I can see why others might like them but they weren’t for me, ended up leaving with springtime in Paris and pink lavender + espresso!

  23. Same ! Didn't get new ones got Lavender Expresso!

  24. Nope! Pb and J smells like a stale sandwich no PB no Jelly and lemon one smelled like every other sweet lemon candle.

  25. Me! And I could have the outlet had it still at 2pm but I smelled it thought yuck and put it back.

  26. I went to outlet and they still had some at 2pm but I didn't get either one. I didn't like PB one and the other smelled good like lemon candy but was not unique. Clearly others felt same cause after half hr of shopping someone had bought a lemon one left PB and J.

  27. Ugg I found this at outlet on $10 table last month plus had coupon but reviews said throw was poor so I put it back!

  28. The throw for me was 9/10. I normally burn in my room & can’t smell it. I burned this in the living room and could smell when I wasn’t in the room. This also is the version from 2 years ago I think so idk if that makes a difference!

  29. Maybe. One there was the brown wrap around with brown cut out Christmas tree.

  30. It's more likely fault of people delivering your candles. But they are going to start carrying GC candles at Walmart next month so you can start getting them there instead .

  31. I love this I wish it came out in a 3 wick. I bought two to get the throw I need. The rose and patchouli are very well blended...neither one overpowers the other.

  32. I have this scent in 3 wick. I got at outlet I believe it was one of the test store scents?

  33. I am burning Hungry Bunny trail mix today and it’s lovely! It reminds me of a Halloween GC candle called Trick Or Treat, there are strong notes of graham cracker, chocolate and slight hints of sweetness like a candy scent. You will love it! It’s very unique and reminds me of an Easter basket :)

  34. Oh I hated Trick and ended up finally trading my large jar for candy pretzel 3 wick. Guess I need to stay away from Hungry Bunny?!

  35. This weekend candles will be $12.95 and if you have a coupon it's a good deal. No coupon not so much.

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