1. I think it’s interesting and sad, in the sense that the only guy to check in w Ariana was Jax. He was told that Ariana said Jax is the only guy to have checked in on her… Someone who doesn’t talk to her anymore and fucken Schwartz has yet to check in on her???

  2. He probably can’t face the hard questions like “how long have you known” and keep the lie going. He’s spineless.

  3. Jax cheating on Brit wasn’t the scandal that this is. The Tom’s were always throwing Jax under the bus (I assume to deter from their own bad behavior). He was painted out to be a liar and a cheat so cheating on Brittany was just expected.

  4. When Rachel is on the bed spewing “good thing you don’t have a man” all I could think is how would this convo go if Ariana was there. The red flags were flying.

  5. Soft launch this idea into the sun. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD MATTHEW 👏🏽

  6. Jax said the same thing about Kristen when he was denying they banged. “Thats gross, shes like a sister to me”

  7. this deserves way more up votes considering that this is how Tom and Ariana got together by cheating on Kirsten

  8. So sus the way she was hanging over his shoulder

  9. It always stuck with me when she said to Peter how James paid for everything and how now that she is single she finds supporting herself to be extremely stressful. I think this is at least partly why she’s going after the Tom’s. She wants someone new to take care of her. Just a theory though. She could just be a dumb girl with no morals.. Or it could be both lol

  10. She needed a reason to be on the show. Without hooking up with one of her cast what storyline does she have? She’s easily lifted out and no one would notice or care.

  11. It’s on brand. Khloe literally said “incest is best”, Rob has made jokes too.

  12. Rhianna is a Katie fan? Lol makes me like Rhianna more.

  13. Reawakening into a boozy lead singer of a cover band? Wow. A butterfly.

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