1. TBF it isn't just Waite; all the HOotGD descended decks do it but what I mean is: mapping the major arcana to the Hebrew alphabet, to the zodiac, the sephiroth, angels, the minor arcana, the gods (Egyptian greek & Babylonian), directions, colors...

  2. What turned this into a real problem is that Waite was really a pretentious windbag of a historian more than anything. He had no creativity or "magick" in his blood and its obvious by just picking a page at random from any of his books.

  3. First off, all I can say is from my own experience. You have to learn your own internal language to navigate this.

  4. Thanks, I appreciate your help! Your reply makes a lot of sense!

  5. Youre basically doing it right now based on what youre saying.

  6. Watching those readings IMO are good as "lessons" to see how other people read.

  7. Any of them could cause it especially from the throat down

  8. “I miss you every day.” That one jumped out. And then “Not gonna lie. Commitment scared me.”

  9. You really should do some heavy research on why VIX does what it does. Asking for advice on reddit on Friday night doesnt count by the way

  10. I dont tell "the" future. I describe the situation as I see it at this moment, and the trajectory that things are going in.

  11. I actually completely agree with you that the person in the RWS 9 of cups doesn't look very happy. I remember when I was learning a lot of people used to call it the wish card, as in all your wishes come true. However the saying "be careful what you wish for because you just might get it" comes to mind, particularly with that card.

  12. This is a good example of why I never liked the RWS deck. The artwork just isnt very good IMO, and this shouldnt be particularly surprising if you know anything about Waite his suitability for being an artistic director of anything.

  13. I would see it as a call to be patient, practice makes perfect. Things like that.

  14. I'm new to Tarot and have these two decks with unique styles (Dark Cards: Rider Waite "Space" by Dark Forest; Light Cards: "Star Spinner" by Trungles). I'm having a hard time learning the meanings when I switch between the two since many of the Star Spinner cards have very different imagery from the standard set.

  15. Assuming its strictly an imagery distinction versus the cards being actually different (like using Crowley's deck versus traditional), its usually circumstantial. Like the direction court cards happen to be facing.

  16. Yeah that always throws me off...which is why I dont like set spreads.

  17. "Choice"....I dunno about that. Im not gonna say no, but I think "sacrifice" is a better way to describe that aspect of the card.

  18. Choice is one interpretation I was taught by my mentor; there’s the serpent and the apple and Eve has the choice - to eat or not to eat? Also, will the lovers choose each other over themselves?

  19. Forgive me. I didnt mean to say that the card doesnt indicate happiness, Ill explain a little farther down. Yes, its a profoundly meaningful connection.

  20. What a great detailed reading! A wonderful, compassionate talent!

  21. I usually just ignore them until I have a stronger army. Ongoing raids don’t seem to hinder me much at all. I’m not even sure what all the effects are

  22. Aside from capturing important courtiers, being raided damages development growth and lowers income

  23. I see you havent read what Aldous Huxley said vaccines would be used for

  24. Exactly. And Steiner. This other side of spirituality is often left in the dark by a lot of our current understandings

  25. I probably should have clarified that Huxley is on the side of the oligarchs here. He was Jolion West's handler at the very beginning of MK Ultra.

  26. HB owns 1/544,000 share of this company. Virtually zero.

  27. Id like to see what his "consulting fee" is before deciding it gets "debunked" in the same manner as the laptop scandal they spent 6 years trying to claim was Russian disinfo.

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