1. Endeavour to understand the exposure triangle too,

  2. The roof represented three classes of people. A castle, a house and a cottage.

  3. Took with my DSLR using autofocus which is arguably why maybe the chimney has focused more than the gull, But I wondered if you have any tips to improve the editing? Eg. Would toning down the yellow building behind help? Or cropping more of the top out?

  4. Time is tight for me, but as well as a physical book and my kindle, I use talking books, which means I can get through a lot more.

  5. GCSE politics needs to be a mandatory part of the curriculum in my opinion.

  6. A little more depth of field would bring the main subject into focus.

  7. Gas hob and electric fan oven is best for me.

  8. I don’t have the exact proportions but I find Gruyère-Emmental-Vacherin with Kirsh, white wine and a clove of garlic is the best. I dip mostly bread (baguette and pain aux noix) but grape and grilled brocoli are also great.

  9. Add cornflour to the Kirsch and add once the cheese has melted in the wine.

  10. Also stops the cheese from staying in a big clump.

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