1. Was just gonna suggest posing this over on

  2. I've only done one ICM kit and it didn't, can't say for sure in others but I doubt it.

  3. Traditional models? If you don't mind travelling a bit to Lancing - Morris Models. Pretty sure they have a webshop, too.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, unfortunately I'm only in Brighton for a day and don't have a car.

  5. There's a model railway shop on Portland Road, Hove. Might have other stuff too.


  7. Yank here. WTF is that thing? Is that guy under arrest? Is he in a sideshow display?

  8. Haha, he's just behind it. It's an electric cart for picking up rubbish bags.

  9. That's a crappy real-time system. Sounds like it's faked and not actually backed with anything like real data from the vehicles.

  10. Yeah a lot of the time it actually says when a bus is cancelled but sometimes it just gives you fake on time data until the bus is due to stop.

  11. Even more annoying because they are supposed to be super regular!!

  12. Yeah it usually isn't this bad to be fair. They said there were disruptions due to the pride parade but you'd think they'd have planned for that

  13. The covered bogies make it look retro-futuristic. With rubber wheels it would look like a regular bus, with steel wheel it'd be a regular tram, but those covered bogies completely change the look of it for some reason.

  14. I have finally finished my second model! (Trumpeter Zil-131) I bought it on a whim because I didn’t know what I wanted to build next and it was a MASSIVE step up in difficulty from my first model which was a Tamiya Sherman. Still- I loved it and it’s given me hours of working time which has been a pleasure. I’m a bit peeved about the edges of the glass as I did not paint the surfaces which would join to the glass and so you can see the original grey through the edges- oh well! You live and you learn! Also, my first attempt at scratches came out wrong- they look way too big. Any criticism would be happily received! 🤓👍

  15. You can buy masks for the windows that don't cover the rubber seals. Just prime, paint, varnish and then peel them off and your done, and they only cost a euro or two usually. I always make sure to order them if the kit doesn't include them.

  16. frdb says:

    Jacking points, they indicate where to jack the vehicle.

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