1. Is there a caster equivalent? Preferably dyeable?

  2. What are good ISPs for America? Gonna be moving shortly, need to know what to avoid at least.

  3. I see an Ultramarine and some scenery. Pretty sure you can get all that at an LGS.

  4. I was joking the other month when I said Cave Leeches were merely larvae.

  5. I just recently learned how to fly these majestic critters, too. ROCK AND STONE FOR THE CAVE ANGELS!

  6. How much painkillers do you need to take daily for the back pain generated from having such enormous and heavy balls for thinking ziplines don't need buffs?

  7. "Operation: Fuck the World" in action!

  8. You people would bitch that the sky was blue if you thought it'd benefit you in some way

  9. And thus, Tub-posting Tuesday was born.

  10. Because, Mactera Brew (the good stuff) costs so much.

  11. I am just now learning that his name is Cubert and that I was mishearing Hubert all this time.

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