A giant solar sailboat is set to sweep up plastic from polluted oceans

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  1. It took me about a little bit, but the house is called Blessed Cannon Philips house:

  2. God tells me his name will be John from now on.

  3. From this day forth, all toilets in this kingdom shall be known as "Johns"

  4. There could be a whole sub on people talking about the horrible places where the panic button went off. The most recent for me was on Monday. My wife and I just bought a beautiful house in a well established neighborhood last week, and are well aware that our new neighbors are curious about the newcomers, but we have been too busy moving in to introduce ourselves. I travel for work and that particular morning I woke up at 2AM for my early flight. After I'm showered and ready to go, I put my fob in my jean pocket and Bam! Alarm echoing throughout our new, serene and peaceful neighborhood! I'm still a little groggy, and stumbling in the dark towards the front door, frantically pressing the god damn button trying to shut this thing off for what felt like an eternity. My wife is awake, screaming at me, and my graceful morning exit was ruined, as was our potentially our "cool new neighbor" image.

  5. You can shut off collision awareness (CA) on most managed WAPs. Not a smart idea though.

  6. The CA is for Collision Avoidance, not awareness. There is no way to detect when a collision occurs on the RF, that is why ACK's are used. If no ACK, then a collision or corruption is assumed.

  7. Sorry was thinking QOS. Why the hell I said anything about CSMA is beyond me. Been out of the wireless stuff for too long. The biggest problem with wireless is the shared medium, and how most internet/wireless providers just hand over the WAP, don't configure, or, do a survey for that configuration. Sucks for some customers, especially in crowded environments.

  8. No problem! Wi-Fi is my career, and I'm still learning. One of the best things I can advise people to do who are decently tech savvy is if they are living in a multi-tenant environment, to get rid of their ISP-provided router and invest in something that supports DFS, like Ubiquiti, and I think Eero has one. You want to get off those heavily occupied channels, and you don't need heavy throughput unless your running a freakin streaming service out of your apartment. Fuck these ISP's that put everything on 80-160MHz because "Speed". You want efficiency and reliability above all, and you want to avoid all the others who are occupying all the available channels.

  9. If we take that metric and use 12.7 Million tons divided by 5000 tons that is 2540 ships. That’s a lot more ships…

  10. Totally gone but a lot of their stores in small towns are now "Entertainmart"s. Here's one in

  11. The Round Rock Hastings location is now a Flix Brewhouse. A fact that I'm constantly using to drive my wife crazy every time we go there.

  12. Drive her crazier with more fun facts: the Hastings was in two other locations in that shopping center when Albertsons was open. Source: I was a carry-out at Albertsons and would read magazines at Hastings while I was “getting carts”.

  13. It's already one of my favorite games to point out to her how many places used to be Albertsons.

  14. Congrats! Does it have the massaging seats like the First Edition?

  15. I will try to grab some more. In the meantime there are some good shots in the press kit:

  16. Texas here. My wife and I went to look at houses because we were thinking of upgrading. We checked out a nice house in an established neighborhood that is attached to a country club. The house sat on the corner lot of a cul-de-sac with about 5 other houses. I don't know if they always had the Trump signs, or they all mutually agreed to put them up during the open house, but all five other houses in the cul-de-sac had Trump 2020 signs in the front yard. It's almost as though they were signaling to potential buyers.

  17. This is the same trim that we are getting. I love the brown actually.

  18. Pro S with Gradient package. I ordered during the demonstration at the Domain on March 13th.

  19. Haha I did the same, minus the gradient ... which dealer? Hewlett already is showing a bunch on their online inventory

  20. So while tapping around, I found the connected mobile device list and some globe icon with a slash through it. I tapped that to enable whatever that icon is meant to represent, and CarPlay seems to be working. Siri commands to play Apple Music songs works now, so maybe that globe icon enables the mobile data connection of the phone while connected to the car?

  21. When people think you're dying, they really, really listen to you, instead of just waiting for their turn to speak.

  22. The irony in that scene is that Marla Singer said "waiting for their turn to speak " in unison with Tyler. At first this seems to indicate that they were in sync, but it also indicates that she was waiting for her turn to speak, thus proving his point.

  23. To finish someone's sentence, you need to know what they said. Or just be obscenely lucky, I guess? Finishing his sentence indicates that she was listening.

  24. You're right. She did finish the sentence for him instead of them saying it in unison.

  25. I hate it when people use that saying. As equally appalling is the saying that someone will be on the wrong side of history.

  26. Fox News spent 45 years creating this monster, they shouldn't be surprised when the monster tries to eat them.

  27. That was good. I feel sorry for the poor cat that had to sift through that many old Faux Spews clips to put it together.

  28. The internet archive has a searchable database of news clips. I can only guess that it helps when compiling these kinds of clips. The search is based on the closed captions, so it's pretty accurate.

  29. Kodak, for refusing to get into the digital photography market.

  30. If you can turn off a water valve, flush it, clean out as much remaining water in the bowl as possible, uscrew a supply line, unscrew 2 nuts, lift the old one off, clean up the flange, set the new wax ring, place the toilet, run 2 nuts back on, hook up the supply line, turn the water valve on, and check for leaks then you can do it yourself.

  31. You get 2 160MHz channels if you use DFS, nearly no clients will actually support it, and unless you're on a farm in Iowa, the co-channel interference will be an absolute nightmare. You will get better performance out of 20/40mhz 5G channels than 160. Any SE suggesting using 160mhz channels should be ignored entirely and would make me look into a new vendor. 160 is simply not feasible for any office environment.

  32. As a wireless network engineer I agree with this comment about 160MHz wife channels. Just don't do it!! Stick with 20/40Mhz for better channel reuse. GET A SITE SURVEY! Get the survey done by A CWNE! You also aren't going to cut it with only 3 APs in a site the size of half a city block.

  33. You don't need a CWNE to provide recommendations, or a site survey. That being said, he should absolutely look into a new vendor, or question the hell out of this recommendation with that sales engineers superiors in the call.

  34. Yes, they don't need CWNE. But it is a good indication that they know what they're doing. Ask for credentials and experience. I know there are plenty of great professionals out there.

  35. Does the AP have downtilt internal antennas? If so, you may be orienting the access point incorrectly for optimal coverage. It would need to be horizontally mounted. Great setup though!

  36. I hate how the tea party has coopted everything. That slogan is very much a part of Texas history. Just like the "don't tread on me" slogan is a proud part of American history.

  37. Came here to see if someone already said this. Definitely a shadow ship.

  38. I loved that show, it didn't deserve what happened to it.

  39. If Moses wrote Genesis, and Genesis mentions a flood that happened thousands of years before Moses. Where was Moses’s observational evidence for said flood? I mean, these are the arguments that that Ham is pushing to explain why evolution cannot be true. How come he ignores the fact that Moses didn’t have any so-called “observational evidence(Edit: Observational Science)” either?

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