1. You learn how to fit clothes right to eliminate that as an option in the first place.

  2. Also I think a lot of people would argue we live more sedentary lifestyles

  3. We most definetly do more driving and less housework as time goes on. And when it comes to working out- thats a separate set of clothing :D

  4. I always wonder, are jeans uncomfortable for skinny people too? I’m at least 20kg overweight, about a UK 18 on a 179 cm frame, and jeans are horrible, I hardly ever wear them. They dig into my stomach and hips, when I squat down they cut into my thighs, and the waistband is either too loose or uncomfortably tight. Is it the same for average weight people?

  5. I'm at the rock bottom of bmi and jeans are a nightmare and probably the reason I'm obsessed with skirts, dresses and classy straight cut trousers of any kind. "Skinny" strechy models takes good elbow grease to wrangle off my calves in the evening and special care is taken to choose most slippery thights as an underlayer in winter.

  6. Neither Ds nor Fns should have waist emphasis so idk why youd want those examples. Definition - yes, emphasis - no

  7. Stunning fits! That Black riday Blackout was definetly worth it! but also so nice to see some quality photos with actual posing and good lighting and a Face.

  8. Given the babies size I have an idea what kind of home we're speaking.

  9. When i finally bothered to wear a complete certical with no oversized sweater or skinny pants involved I had an AHA moment.

  10. I never consider trying out the make up rec!! That’s a good idea!

  11. I personally consider myself lucky to have a relatively similar bone structure to those celebrities that are most common mentioned as "certified Kibbe" When I was a teen my mom told me I look like an underage "night butterfly" when I wear any noticeable makeup so it was really surprising when bolder colors worked on me.

  12. Should be a lead opera singer, have a terribly SG job instead - paint cat faces on christmas baubles.

  13. You need to live in obscure eastern european country with plenty small businesses centered around swedish holiday tourism. And also like, not be particularly concerned about making money lmao.

  14. Do an Audrey Hepburn fit. The one with black turtleneck and black thights and black boots

  15. Can't relate. Nothing against a cute hugbox but if i wanted cute animals being happy I'd stick to,,,,,, the rest of the whole internet.

  16. With celebs there's usually videos of them and lots of photos from every angle so it's easier to get a whole vibe from them. Also Kibbe has verified many of the ones talked about so we have some examples to go off of.

  17. Exactly! You can google! Videos, faces, bikini photos, billion outfits - all actually perfectly fitted, appearances in all types of makeup and hairstyle. Expression poses and vibes.

  18. Why only semi european options? Maybe I want to experince something new.

  19. I’m really sorry but it looks like a funeral outfit to me 😬

  20. IKR. It's so morbid. I worked so hard to stop wearing black all the time and now youth is wearing it all summer long. This "wedding fit" got me upset lol.

  21. Unschooling, like so many other things, is a valid method of homeschooling that works for plenty of kids/families. BUT, it is, like many things, an oversimplified label slapped on something that - surprise! - has nuance and detail underlying the label.

  22. That sounds highly uproductive. The whe point of school is training kids do thing they're not interested in. Doing dishes and taxes will never be fun.

  23. everyone? I find its really easy to make work on all types. but im also into historical and vintage so probably biased lol

  24. Everywhere when you stop trying to long like a prime example of each type.

  25. Both D and FN overtyping imo. If someone doesn't have boobs for days SD gets almost the TR "doesnt exist" treatment when it's in fact a very common type.

  26. Firts fit would be cuter on you wore it with more feminine shoes, but the rest of them look good to me. I think It's more of a confidence issue than image ID issue

  27. Ok but prime celebrity examples is the essence of whats wrong with trying to learn typing at home. Not a fan of the approach. Tbe bigger the selection pool of exames to look at the faster people figure out to stop freaking out about shoulder shape and waist to boob ratios.

  28. Well thats because our perception of words from the descpription is veiled with negative bias based on whatever lies beauty industry tries to feed us quite successfully.

  29. If you don’t feel your best in D then you probably aren’t a D.

  30. It was mostly because I've been wearing FN appropriate fits my whole life so there was "Of course I feel good looking and comfortable it's what I'm used to"

  31. I like how sleek they are. Id definetly get these for a casual fit. Edit:whoops flair change no longer D-adjacent.

  32. Once you were diagnosed Dramatic you have to get an approprite degree and job at Wall Street to match your blazer. Otherwise what's the point. The essence, babey. The Calling. Father knows best.

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