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  1. Boox doesn't update the base version of Android. Just their own apps.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I was hoping that, with the price we're paying for these devices, Boox could offer an upgrade of 1 Android version. Wishful thinking 😂 Still, the device itself is quite useful, even on Android 10. Cheers



  5. Hi does the Note Air 2 have the same dimensions as the Note Air 1? I am looking for a case for my Note Air 1 and need to know if this Finite case will work. The Amazon listing seems to reiterate that it only fits the Note Air 2. However, a reviewer conforms it fit his Note Air 2 Plus.

  6. The size of all three Note Air models are listed as 229.4 × 195.4 × 5.8 mm


  8. If you are in the UK, the original SD is £350 at Costco. At that price, you can get a feel for the device without too much commitment.

  9. Good points. I got a SD1 and wanted to experiment with the format. It's good for my use case as I don't need NFC or take photos with it. It's a secondary device for me - productivity and multitasking. The flexibility of going from small to large screen is great!

  10. A few persons try to use some Windows themed launchers. The YouTube channel for Scaryifliteral shows how some third party launchers work on the Duo 1 and Duo 2. Hope you have luck with the options he shares.

  11. Sorry hit the button too soon. My question is for surface duo owners. Do you like your device or is it worth spending the 300 extra and get a duo 2. I don't like that the duo 2 doesn't fold flat like the duo. What are your thoughts? Has software updates improved the original duo? I know it lacks nfc and 5g but lte is fine and I never used nfc anyways except on my watch.

  12. Recent Duo 1 owner here. I've been outfitting it with accessories and setting it up to meet my needs. It isn't my daily driver. I think it's best use case for me is for productivity in 2 side gigs. I don't plan to use it for taking photos so it ticks all the boxes for me. Android 11 is good and I'm trusting that Android 12L will make it even more versatile for me.

  13. Taskbar makes the Duo 1 work with an external monitor even when I deactivate Developer Options settings like Force Desktop mode and the Freeform and resizable options!

  14. Solved!!! Thanks to another post on Reddit, I was directed to Taskbar on Google Play. As soon as I activated Taskbar on my Duo 1 and gave it permission to draw over other apps, I was able to use Duo on my monitor. Everything works perfectly!!!

  15. Last time I tried activating dev mode to work in desktop mode I ended up resetting the surface duo 2.... So frustrating that this device cannot work properly in desktop mode (continuum or dex )

  16. I have seen several YouTube videos showing the Duo 1 working seamlessly with a USB C hub to HDMI. So I'm guessing I just need to do something different to get mine to work. 🤷‍♂️

  17. There is also this one that ships from China so it may take a while to be delivered, depending on your part of the world.

  18. Shane just posted a video this week about cloning apps on Surface Duo. That may help someone who needs to use more than 1 account on a messenger app, etc.

  19. I believe the Play Store offers apps that will allow selected apps to pop up on 1 screen. That simulates multitasking for Surface Duo or any device.

  20. My solution has been the otterbox case with clear skin in the outside. There are no protectors for the screen that I am aware of.


  22. Lenovo had a laptop running Windows some years ago that had 2 screens. One was e-ink and the other LCD. It was the Yoga book 2 if I recall correctly. A few phones were made before that with LCD front screens and a smaller e-ink panel on the back.

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