"Rent-A-Girlfriend" Season 3 Announced

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  1. Why? If a person wanted to watch another season of rent a girlfriend they can just rewatch the same season. It’s the same fucking shit each time

  2. It’s time for everyone to get a pocket min min

  3. Jake has revealed his true form as a ghost. Not only does this reference what happens to him in the show but also properly depicts his hurtboxes

  4. I would love to fight shaggy over Jake. I’d love to fight anyone over Jake. Why does Jake get to string combos like that and yet be so evasive? He needs some more nerfs

  5. There is a command that gives you every achivment

  6. People will act like this is the greatest attack on western culture but not even a month later this will be old news.

  7. Ok I’m installing it right now then 👍

  8. Yes Yes YES. I have never seen someone spit so hard and consistently before. This is objectively based. Holy fuck.

  9. League of legends. I hate that game and all the people around it. It makes me angry that arcane was so good because it means that I like something about league.

  10. B-but listen you don’t understand, the game is in beta and this is acceptable performance!

  11. I don’t really care about shaggy. It’s Harley and Arya for me. I just want to get in but I can’t.

  12. So what you’re saying is just because Arya is assassin she doesn’t need to be moving like Buggs? If so very based

  13. Forward smash Wonder Woman it’s a good a move please

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