1. renegadewing dot com is full of non force user fanfic centered around pilots in the background of the war. just click the "cup" icon in the navbar to get to the lounge and read to your heart's content.

  2. Spy vs. Spy on the NES, as well as Duck Hunt.

  3. not a lot of scary stuff. there was a sleep paralysis moment, but that didn't leave me that unsettled since i knew what it was.

  4. you'd need to check out the new thrawn trilogy.

  5. the darker side of the rebellion. Rogue One hinted at it with Andor basically capping the other agent in the beginning, and Saw Guerrera's character/faction was fairly ruthless.

  6. if i remember correctly, you will get cameos here and there in later books of Face and Myn Donos, and many others.

  7. this one felt so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

  8. any Ultimate team game mode where you grind for cards.

  9. i found a phenomenal piece written by somebody from the point of view of a rebel pilot that made a run inside the DS2 and was one of the three ships that led the fighter pursuit away through other parts of the superstructure. I tried to investigate how to get that included in the upcoming FACPOV book, but found nothing but dead ends sadly.

  10. Generally speaking we don't take unsolicited story submissions

  11. i understand that it's a "whos' who" of writers, but man, they are leaving out some GREAT stories from non-traditional avenues.

  12. X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and Balance of Power.

  13. dual. i imagine a dual vs. single playing out like it did in the Tower of Joy sequence of GoT.

  14. had to have this done as a kid (and honestly, should do it again probably). The look on my mom's face as the stuff was coming out of my ears was embarrassing.

  15. We used to have a "skunk" rule for all beer games (Cornhole and Beer pong). If you lost without sinking a cup or getting a point, you streaked. Depending where you lost, it could be as bad as running around an entire apartment building or a block of houses.

  16. When I was in elementary the table would mix leftover drinks and food into a cup and it would be this disgusting concoction.

  17. we called this the "Magic Drink" bet. mustard and horseradish killed me.

  18. the child support you'll be paying my family will put me through college.

  19. good dudes don't just go for unsolicited boob grabs after already being told you weren't ready to do anything.

  20. that they're selfish, and they have to say this repeatedly to feel good about their actions

  21. After our first test (that I thought I aced), he is handing them back out and announcing the scores as he does so. He gets to me and says "X, the double nickel." I was a football player and that was my number, so I thought that he was referencing my number. Nope- it was my score.

  22. Third grade recess. started talking about star wars and video games.

  23. don't most trunks have that faux-underwear part?

  24. start talking about movies, and whatever the object of your attention says is their favorite movie from their childhood, tell them you've never seen it. Offer to let them show it to you and set a date.

  25. "You're not the only one that sucks"

  26. Mimesis? Gist is that some people are recreating the Night of the Living Dead but are actually killing the people.

  27. Seems exactly like what I’m looking for. Thanks. I think it wasn’t this one though, but I’m less interested in finding that exact film and more interested in finding one that is actually any good

  28. this includes a good performance from Sid Haig as well.

  29. here are my horror subs to play in the background while grading and lesson planning:

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