1. what is the worst thing that can happen if we leave the gap?

  2. I once found a few gnats in my water, no big deal, they probably disintegrate if they get pulled into the boiler.

  3. I would give half my dick for a hands on softpourn barista lesson. You could make a killing on what your friend gets for free 😭

  4. So I bought the SANTOW Naked Bottomless Portafilter w/Sandalwood Handle from Amazon a few weeks ago and a IMS 18 gram Nanotech Basket to go along with it and am quit please with them.

  5. I'm telling' ya, people are edgy, watch out, it doesn't take much to set some of 'em off. I don't know what it is, I have my suspicions but things are piling up on some faster than others.

  6. Better than 20 to 40 as you get dragged across the road. You gotta know when to do each. I am all about taking the lane, but some areas will just genuinely get you hit. If you think they will wait behind you, albeit angrily, thats the best option.

  7. yeah, this country isnt exactly cycle friendly is it. I have a Garmin Varia radar, not that it will prevent some d bag on a cell phone from rear ending me but I still feel safer in the lane. "Taking the lane" might not have been the correct phrase, on this street I would have chosen a spot just to the left of the door zone, another street, or maybe even that wide sidewalk (as much as I despise riding on sidewalks) .

  8. Thats def different, but I see too many people drive in the gutter around here to even do that. Not sure what the appeal is, considering how glass and debris coated the edge is. I had considered a radar, but it would not make a difference. Theres never a point I DON'T have a car coming up on me. Luckily this is my last year in the college city, and I can go home to my old sleepy town.

  9. The radar is great, it works! I still do a quick visual check before moving left to enter a left turn lane, etc. I wish we could somehow get vehicle drivers in this country to accept cyclists and share the road the roads with us. But yeah, the bone heads out there tempting Darwin arent helping our cause are they.

  10. I bought the unit in April 2020. So I might have been from the same batch

  11. And mine was bought in Europe, Denmark

  12. Ha! Ya'd think... But nooooooo. She is more hooked on this than I am .... She is the one that demanded we pay for Peacock TV in order to watch every second of the Tour de France and La Vuelta! She may or may not have even called out the wrong name once or twice while we have been engaged in ....ahem... a hot and and heavy sprint.. ;)

  13. Hey, thanks for all that. I'm not a software engineer but it would be nice if Zwift put a "Ignore This Device" button on the Pairing Interface screen, or at least publish how they manage to get everyone hooked up for their PR events.

  14. I'm in the same position - waiting for the spring. With a naked filter and IMS basket, I have coffee spraying everywhere. My solution for now is to just use the default pressurized filter.

  15. I have the stock spring, a naked bottomless SANTOW Portafilter and an 18 gr IMS Nanotech basket. I'm grinding on a Baratza Sette 270WI and am getting 18 in and 36 to 38 out in around 25 seconds constantly. The shots start out as two separate dark streams that swirl together and become one crema colored stream. Tastes great. Maybe it's your grind setting or tamp? I am quite pleased with the shots I am getting and at this point have no desire to change the OPV spring.

  16. Anyone who believes in "manmade climate change" needs to immediately take the following steps; . .. Stop buying shit. Stop using anything made with plastic. Stop wearing polyester clothing. Stop eating food trucked in. Stop flying. Stop driving that gas powered Subaru or Jeep to get to the trailhead, Stop buying nylon tents and backpacking gear... . the list goes on...

  17. Not necessarily what I would think is "soggy" but lately I have been questioning the need for pre infusing, especially the GCP steam wand way.

  18. Yeah I don’t think it’s actually improving anything

  19. This is BS FAKE! If it's real post a link to the AirBnB listing and a copy of the policy report!

  20. Are the CC companies gonna go into da hoods and record the street corner thugs purchases?

  21. Typically all symptoms of migraine should subside once the migraine ends, you shouldn't be having tinnitus constantly whether you're having a migraine or not. Unless I misunderstood what you meant?

  22. Have you talked to a doctor about the persistent tinnitus, shouldn't happen with migraine.

  23. Please explain, as far as I know, the two are not connected, is there a connection that I am not aware of? Should the ringing stop when the migraine starts?

  24. They shouldn't have to spend a dime! Democrats need to fund it, you are the ones who brought them across the border!

  25. Populate states like North/South Dakota.. Kansas, Kentucky. Not the cities.

  26. Very true! Fortunately it doesn’t channel and is just a fun project :)

  27. Exactly. I saw no evidence of channeling in your photos. not something I would do, due to mainly no interest and time (too many other "fun projects") but good job. We all need our fun projects, especially these days.

  28. There's more to flow than seeing a solid puck. Without seeing it flow out of a bottomless, you can't be sure of anything.

  29. Well slap my ass and call me James Hoffman. I'm gonna go with, if it tastes good, it's good. We're not all in it at the same level for the same reasons. Lighten up.

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