1. It’s so funny seeing these pathetic morons say she needs to stop “antagonizing” him when he clearly is the only one feeding stories to the press lmfaoo. But okay then. Angelina gets all this flack for cheating but Brad was over a decade older than her and he cheated too. It’s just women on the internet fantasizing over famous men who looked good in their 20s

  2. In fairness, Selena didn't come from a wealthy family so cultivating an actual personality and having a decent work ethic were both vital to her success. Brooklyn has never had to do either, and he seems to be struggling with the realization he's not special just for existing.

  3. I don't have a degree and definitely don't make a decent wage. I work in an office, but it's call center office and very far removed from what I would consider "white collar".

  4. How much do you get paid at the call centre? I thought they paid like 19/hour??

  5. Started at $17.80. got bumped up to $18.50 an hour. It's not great but it can almost pay the bills. In my experience, you have to specialize at some point. Medical or IT are the big ones and the ones the pay better. IT typically needs some degrees or a ton of work experience, and medical is absoltuely soul crushing.

  6. Wow that’s insane. I really thought most call centre agents would be paid at least 19 because it’s such tedious and soul crushing work. Hope everything works out for you

  7. There were more details released and it unfortunately sounds like she got brunt of the attack. If you haven't seen it yet I can link it to you!

  8. Wow dude what the fuck, that’s so sad and disgusting. Yes would you link it for me?

  9. As someone who admittedly has been to exclusively basic pop artist concerts, is this kind of thing normal in other genres?

  10. No he’s just a try hard and loves attention/headlines about him. He literally did the same stunt a few months ago

  11. omg, I'm not even a fan of Cumberbatch but I remember the melt down and it was both glorious and horrifying, as an outsider. Both his wife and Adam Driver's wife had it rough, thank god they never seemed to be on sm.

  12. You realize parents need other adults to lean on right? Kim can’t put her emotionally baggage on her children, and she shouldn’t

  13. She could've turned it around if she had stood firmly on her own two feet for a year or so. Instead she made it exceptionally clear just how much of her identity hinges on who she spends her time with.

  14. She also ruined any goodwill the public has towards her with the Kanye situation because of the women in business comments.

  15. Love brad as an actor but he's such a shitty person. I am pretty sure he's just pissed that all the kids were in Atlanta when Zahara moved in to her dorm. How are you so petty and jealous that you have put out multiple hit pieces during your your kids achievements.

  16. Yeah there are pictures of Shiloh and Vivienne at Zahara's goodbye ceremony and people saw maddox, pax, and knox on the campus

  17. Aw that’s so cute, I love how the siblings have such a strong relationship

  18. Yeah, I think she thought BCMSS was going to be all about reliving the glory days. Once she found out it wasn’t, she jumped ship.

  19. Kim fans think she acts as legal counsel 🤣🤣 she couldn’t name the first 5 amendments

  20. Nah, they're right about that, lol. His last tour at smaller venues sold out and he sold out a lot of arenas this year. 😬

  21. Most of the “arenas” he sold out are the same capacity as Olivia rodrigos amphitheater shows 💀

  22. Why would you compare Olivia, the biggest pop star of the moment, to MGK of all people? Olivia could literally be selling out stadiums right now but her team wanted her to gain experience at smaller venues first. She’s on a completely different level of stardom than him—or most artists for that matter. 💀

  23. Olivia is not the main pop artist right now taylor destroys in her literally every way LMAO. And I’m not even a swiftie. And so does dua, Ariana, etc etc etc. Also do you understand how difficult it is to sell stadiums? Beyoncé couldn’t do it at her PEAK, she needed Jay-Z to headline. Rihanna couldn’t do it at her peak either. Harry styles who is 10x more relevant than Olivia JUST started doing stadiums this tour (his THIRD one) and he’s been famous for over a decade. The weeknd same thing. Ariana during her PEAK year (TUN) could not sell out stadiums. Yet somehow you think she can jump from 6k venues to 45,000 plus 💀 okay then. Olivia is very famous no doubt, but the ability to sell out stadiums is reserved for literally 10 artists maybe. That’s how difficult it is. Bro even Billie eilish who in my opinion had an even bigger debut than Olivia can’t sell out stadiums. Billie has been in the spotlight for longer but Olivia and her have very similar careers in terms of meteoric rises to fame, and even Billie can’t do it. I only brought up Olivia to bring perspective into the conversation. When people hear “arenas” they think 10-13k shows. If you look at the first 9 dates of MGKS new tour, 1) he isn’t even selling out, and 2) the attendance is low even for an arena tour, especially comparing him to Billie eilishs arena tour, or literally any other artists who’s done arenas:

  24. Sarah Paulson dating someone who could be her grandmother is also really weird.

  25. I think it’s crazy that you have a problem with adults in their 30s/40s having older partners, they’re not 18. But whatever you say.

  26. And I think it’s crazy you’re getting so defensive over this (and kind of wonder why that is).

  27. I’m defensive because my parents have an age gap relationship and this sub demonizes all relationships that have one. Also If you’re suggesting im an older person dating younger people im literally 18 lmfao, it’s well documented if you go through my older comments. You replied to me, multiple times I may add, I don’t think im the one who’s defensive but go off

  28. Thank God, Laura is such a vile human being, and a massive fucking hypocrite

  29. Anne was raped AS AN INFANT, repeatedly by her father. She was given genital herpes when she was three MONTHS old. That is a level of abuse and evil that most people will never fully understand. And luckily nobody else was hurt in this incident, so you need to slow your harsh judgments.

  30. “Luckily nobody was hurt” ok and? Because people didn’t die her actions are okay? I have sympathy for her past, majority of people do. That doesn’t mean I’m going to defend her. Millions of people are abused/have trauma, I’ve been SA’d before by my brother, many of my friends have been raped etc etc none of us have ever gotten behind the wheel intoxicated. Many of my family members with substance abuse issues relating to their trauma have ever done that either. Anne’s actions were selfish, point blank period. You can try to intellectualize it all you want. Just because you go through trauma it doesn’t give you an excuse to harm others. By that logic, the Johnny depp supporter I just argued with is right because her defence was that he was abused when he was a child. Anne is a wealthy white women with millions of dollars, aka she has access to the best mental health experts available. Yet she selfishly chose to get behind the wheel while on drugs and burn a woman’s house down, nearly killing her/the animals, and a pedestrian. There is no excuse for that. There is no excuse to drive intoxicated in this day with apps like uber, Lyft etc. this defence of a woman who nearly killed two people/animals, and burned someone’s house down is insane. Only celebrities would get this treatment. Y’all demonized will smith for slapping Chris rock, he was going through mental anguish, are his actions okay? Hmmmm

  31. See this isn't hard, it's merely an exercise in empathy. No one here is defending what she has done, but they can have empathy for what led them to it. Some people have a terrible abusive childhood and are able to deal with it in a healthy way, some push it away and refused to ever acknowledge it, some kill themselves. Access to better care doesn't mean that someone will take it.

  32. But I never said to not have empathy for Anne? Lmao your whole argument lies on something I never said. I’ve said multiple times throughout this thread and others that I have sympathy for Anne. I literally only responded because the person up there is trying to excuse her actions because of trauma. Stop trying to deny that she didn’t. As I’ve pointed out that’s an extremely dangerous precedent to uphold. She originally commented about how Anne’s siblings are dead and then made a bunch of other excuses to deflect away from the fact that Anne was selfish. I haven’t seen that person say anything about the victims or give them any sympathy. All they’ve done is defend Anne, so idk what you’re talking about. I literally said exactly what you did in my comments.

  33. My aunt was one of the stupid people saying it was racist cuz they only had 1 white person (Eminem).

  34. What? Lol your aunt is moronic, the majority of super bowls were only white people wth

  35. Lmfao the Super Bowl sign, they just don’t like seeing black people in the media, these are the same morons who claim they’re not racist though

  36. I have a hard time with this one tbh. Not to defend Kevin but the facts seem out of alignment. Even without the conservatorship keeping her working like a dog, brit is far from broke and Kevin is due child support. So he would have gotten money without the conservatorship. It isnt a conservatorship=gravey train, freedom=nothing situation for him. She also pays way less a month than a court likely would order her to in child support. Her 20k a month compared to Charlie Sheen's 50k when he was working for example. She was making 400k a night during her residency. If Kevin was money hungry like he is portrayed, why not push for more per month than 5% of 1 night's wages from his ex? This is the equivalent of me paying $10 a month in child support. No way a judge wouldn't order more if $10 is 5% of one days wages for me. Similarly, Kevin getting a PO against Jamie really speaks to a relationship that wasn't as buddy buddy as many try to make it. If someone attacks your child and you go to the lengths of getting a retraining order against them, does it make sense to also be partners in crime to keep someone under control for a paycheck you would have gotten amyway?

  37. LMAO Kevin did try to get more child support the judge denied him, what are you saying? Most importantly why is the child support being used on Kevin’s other children/ their personal bills? Child support is not meant for the person to solely live off of and it’s supposed to be used on his two sons, that money shouldn’t be used on Kevin’s 4 other children that aren’t Britney’s. Kevin hasn’t had a job in over a decade and his wife doesn’t have one either. Meaning they use Britney’s money to pay for their entire lives. How can you not see the motive? Lmfaoo and he tried to keep her in control because he would receive money well past his sons 18th birthday.

  38. Don't assume everyone here is some supermodel who wants to date the most handsome looking men around. I mean hell, for years I had a strange crush on John C Reily from Walk Hard because I fantasized that he'd be really nice to me.

  39. “Some supermodel” what are you even saying lmfaooo it’s not just his looks, his personality is revolting. Which makes him 10x less attractive as well. It’s so funny now everyone on this sub makes fun of the Kardashians looks (so do I) meanwhile I point out that Pete is unattractive to me and y’all get mad 💀 stop stanning overhyped white men pls

  40. I don't find him attractive at all, I'm just saying some people seem personally offended by the idea that others do lol. My point is that there are plenty of mediocre white women who are within their right to find Pete Davidson attractive haha.

  41. I agree, that’s what I was trying to get across. I think it’s fine if someone finds him attractive I just personally dont. Anyways it’s not a big deal, my bad if I was rude 👍🏼

  42. I just think Pete doesn’t do serious. He talks a lot of shit about being serious but he isn’t or he cant mentally handle it. Kim is attractive (arguably more attractive then Pete) and no offence, Pete and his past relationship prove he is pretty shallow IMO.

  43. Exactly Pete is just as shallow as the Kardashians. He’s literally a social climber lmfaoo. His dating history is more relevant than anything he’s ever done career wise, and he knows it

  44. There are two things that are going to bring us together as a society: 1. Andrew tate and 2. Calling out kim kant be kreative kardashians ripoff and cosplaying of iconic women because she knows she has given us ✨nothing✨

  45. Yeah I had to reread it a few times? Idk who could describe John Mulaney as ugly (except maybe himself in a funny bit)

  46. It’s because I am trauma bonded to Tyra after watching so much of that show

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