1. If Freddy Mercury and Justin Bieber somehow had a love child that turned into a prematurely aging creepy uncle.

  2. You have all the personal appeal of a public use fleshlight that asks stupid questions while you use it.

  3. If Courtney Cox and Gollum morphed into one slut with a Coke habit, you’d be the Great Value Brand of that.

  4. From concealment? I’ve never timed it. Y’all can downvote me all you want. Go carry a concealed pistol in an actual Warzone as your means of defense than PM me about it.

  5. Ok that’s fair. I’ll rephrase: I’ve spent over 60k rounds of my personal cash and plus what the government and other entities spent on ammo, weapons, and instructors to train a certain way and I’m not gonna deviate (my opinion) but others are welcome to like I said originally.

  6. Basically, optics on handguns are cool as hell. I get it. That being said, almost all defensive pistol shootings occur at a range where an optic will make a negligible difference in your performance, especially if money was spent on an optic in lieu of training.

  7. Aaron Cowan if Sage Dynamics has a 70+ page paper that has a substantial amount of evidence that you are incorrect. The Force on Force hit factors in particular are fairly convincing that in realistic training scenarios the single focal plain is a massive advantage.

  8. I'm not saying that, ceteris paribas, irons are better or red dots are worse. I'm saying that for most people on this forum, armed citizens, training would be a better investment of $500 than equipping your carry gun with an optic. Naturally the same shooter will perform better, usually, with optics. But that shooter would be better off with ammo through their gun and training under their belt instead of an optic on the gun they now cant afford to shoot. Now, I'm not saying this is always the case. Plenty of people have enough disposable income to do both, but my post is for those who don't. I've just seen optics treated as the end all be all in plenty of ccw forums and it doesn't do the new shooter any favors.

  9. I’m an enormous advocate of training. I’m a trainer myself and actively encourage people to get training regardless of what they select to carry or the sighting system it utilizes.

  10. I think its far enough to say revolver malfunctions are typically more complicated to deal with but it is exactly opposite my experience that they are equally or more common.

  11. How many revolver classes have you taken or taught? Between myself, Ellifritz, Tom Givens, and Darryl Bolke I feel safe saying it’s hundreds easily. I find Darryl’s article spot on.

  12. Alright man you got me I'm not an instructor. But between me and 5 other people... we've taught hundreds of classes.

  13. .380 is very ballistically challenged. Load choice in terms of acceptable defensive performance is not great and training ammo is way more expensive.

  14. You can’t be pro 2a and vote for anti 2a candidates. It’s simple math.

  15. That’s great. In this term alone, the democrats failed to legalize abortion, have increased taxation on the middle and lower middle classes, have done nothing to lower rampant inflation, have spent BILLIONS on other countries militaries, and are actively seeking to dismantle the second amendment.

  16. What’s important to you is fine. Vote for who you want, for the reasons you want.

  17. Yes I do, you can’t comprehend that there is a reason to use fmj in place of HP. That by it self tells everyone you have a narrow view on things. Limited mind can’t come up with a possibility why someone would choose FMJ over HP.

  18. There are absolutely LIMITED reasons to choose FMJ over HP. I said that elsewhere in this thread more than once. Specifically with .22 or .380 dude to the limited ability of those particular rounds to penetrate sufficiently.

  19. You also said Paul is a buffoon for suggesting to use fmj over hp… now you are back paddling. So is he a jack ass or are you suggesting that the world isn’t black and white like you originally proposed? Which one is it, I can’t keep up.

  20. Trade out those Fomi single point plastic clips for DCC MonoBlocks. Way better retention on the belt and flatter for concealment too

  21. Before you make a full decision, take ECQC from ShivWorks. Might change your mind when you consider in fight weapon access and defense.

  22. that's what I was thinking, how does that happen anyway? maybe the target and the bullet are both made from the same steel, you see how the smith's hammer bounces on the anvil with just a little effort, I think the same happened here, I could be wrong though.

  23. Bullets are not made from steel. They’re made of lead with copper jacketing. There are some rifle bullets that have a solid steel or tungsten core that are specifically designed to penetrate armor of various types.

  24. Damn why you gotta call me out like that lol. Economy has been a bitch this year and I hate that I haven't been to the range more than 3 times in 12 months, nor any actual training classes in more like 18 months, but my family and bills come first.

  25. How often do you dry fire? The only handgun skill that can’t be practiced dry is recoil control.

  26. Well, I'll just recommend you go over OP's comments to which you replied, then. I don't think he ever stated that mediocrity is acceptable, nor do I believe that was his intention. He has been talking in a very fair tone about what works for him, and sharing his experience with changing things up about CCW. I have gained insights from both his comments and those disagreeing with him.

  27. How many rounds do you have through that set up? What is your hang up with it? What metrics are you holding yourself to?

  28. If you ever travel out of state, there’s no reciprocity on “constitutional carry” in other states.

  29. Not true for all states. WV recognizes all people who are not prohibited from owning firearms, are 21+ (18+ for active duty military I believe), and are currently lawfully possessing the firearm that they’re carrying under its constitutional carry. I believe Ohio also has the same wording that doesn’t require residency in the state. Other places may have different regulations though

  30. He says he has a very clean record. No arrests or any issue like cops were ever called. Shit he said he hasn’t had a parking ticket in like 20 years or more. I just didn’t know how they handled older folks that you know are disabled, but don’t ever do anything wrong at all or have any kind of episodes. I’ve known him about 30 years and he’s never had any issues that I could remember. He’s like Dudley Do Right. So I guess he should find a lawyer to get some advise on what he should put down if he tries it.

  31. Difficult, the dogs are leashed to it ;-)

  32. She's looking into chest kit bags as we speak 😉

  33. While it can cause training scars (trigger press, recoil control, etc) because it’s not a 1 for 1 of our carry guns, it offers a speculator opportunity to verify POI, trigger reset, shooting at the speed of our vision, driving the gun, calling our shots, etc. Highly suggest getting a clone of your carry gun and mixing some garage or backyard reps into your routine.

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