1. This is probably more work intensive than you’re looking for than just painting but now I’m imagining a Nighthaunt army all with tiny crowns of thorns.

  2. God that would take forever to do

  3. So quick question you ever gonna play them on a table or are they just display pieces

  4. The 40k counterpart has seen play at tournaments. Don't imagine this will be any different

  5. Did I say that WoT didn't rely on natural rolls? It doesn't look like I did.

  6. Yeah small sentence at the end that’s pretty easy to miss says unmodified roll

  7. Only good thing is they ignore line of sight but with 12 inches there are probably only 2 times where that’s gonna be helpful

  8. Nope I had no clue and neither does the majority of cults users

  9. Well, since tau = 2 × pi, a lot of users learned that one rather quickly for practical reasons. 😉

  10. I’m not sure if I just haven’t taken the class yet that uses tau or if Im just bein a dumbasss but how is knowing that tau = 2 x pi helpful?

  11. The answer is yes, and a happy Meal ;)

  12. Can’t really answer some of those questions cause I’ve tried 20 different lists against a crap ton of different sylvaneth and skaven lists and have lost because of being tabled and or points. I’m using the right table size and 6-8 pieces of terrain for 2k games.Stongest units it seems is skaven’s Thanquel and the sylvaneth’s lancer bugs

  13. I run a squad of 8 banshees in my lists, and love them. Yeah, they're squishy and sometimes die before doing anything, but that's okay. I like to use them to deep-strike near a vulnerable hero and try to kill it in one combat. I also think they are extremely useful front-liners against magic-reliant armies, eating an opponent's Mystic Shield cast always feels good.

  14. Chainghasts also give +1 to hit for your units wholly within 12 while there a spirit torment on the field

  15. It’s a 210 point unit with 30 wounds and a 5+ save not the best not the worst there are better options for both damage dealers and screens

  16. Oh, ok. You would only get a max of 5 because you can't make the sacrifice.

  17. Unless I bring a monster…I’m an idiot

  18. I'm actually using them in a Path to Glory campaign now and have practiced a few 600 point games without the herdstone to get a feel for it. The thing is while it's massively important the early stages of a path to glory campaign you just outnumber your opponent and can bring a decent monster so you get off to a slightly better start than you probably expect.

  19. I did not think about that thanks

  20. White house. Novo Ogaryovo. 10 Downing Street. Palais D'Elysee. Zhongnanhai. Ryongsong.

  21. Would they have the technology to tap into our networks though

  22. Open the printer up and make sure the cable hasn't worked it's way free of it's port.

  23. All the cables are connected correctly

  24. You say that as if the us army blindly follows orders and that they would be fine with shooting their own countrymen.

  25. Kennesaw State University, one of the top Mechatronics Bachelor's degrees in the US. Located in Marietta, GA.

  26. There’s also this other bit of dark age technology lost to man called a resin printer but be careful some say that with every use one slips closer and closer to chaos.

  27. Noise marines cause who wouldn’t want to play the best rock and roll band

  28. I use it for killing terminators or something similar and if there’s a minus 1 to hit I’m still hitting on 2’s and only consuming 1 markerlight

  29. Take at least 1 fusion then or 1 missile pod but please do not take 4 plasmas or we ain’t sleeping well please…

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