1. I wouldn't say it's the best budget brand. The aroma is from botanical terps. That's why it's always so consistent.

  2. It starts gradually. France is banning short haul domestic flights.

  3. *where there is a rail alternative taking 2.5 hours or less

  4. I can't say it's true but from what I've heard seen and read I think alot of these people are pedos and associated with pedos now debunk it

  5. Well, I heard you like jerking off farm animals. Many people are saying it. I think a lot of people jerk off farm animals, from what I've seen and read. Are you or are you not a pig fucker?

  6. SS: It's way past high time for this to happen. We don't let criminal mafias bully the fucking people. Not anymore

  7. Lol you didn't give a shit when the last guy was doing it.

  8. Hey as a newer Bud Tender, working at a recently opened (last 2 months) dispensary as well.... I've seen lots customers shopping only by THC. A lot of these people have been smoking for longer than I have been alive and I've found it tough to try to steer them towards, what I think/heard is a better quality product or better bang for your buck. Even if its lower THC. Any tips to assist with this, or just tips for a newer budtender in general would be appreciated.

  9. Focus on the customer experience with the goal of building some trust so they want to return.

  10. You gotta figure in today’s world there’s probably at least one or two students pulling in double a teacher’s salary on their OnlyFans account as well. That thought should mend your soul right up!

  11. There are teachers making double their salary on OnlyFans. More power to them.

  12. But as soon as some dad finds them there, he snitches and ends their career publicly, humiliatingly and, scandalously. All whilst conveniently forgetting why they themselves were on OF in the 1st place.

  13. More likely, a mom discovers a dad has found a teacher on OF and makes an anonymous complaint.

  14. Well, I am confident CNN wouldn't hire you and crisis actors are made up.

  15. There are websites dedicated to recruiting crisis actors. You should know this being on a ‘conspiracy’ forum.

  16. Called buzzbuds pickering just now, to see what bag they have. Lineage. They told me there is no lineage. It's bandwagon. No they don't circulate strains. Lol.

  17. That land was not chosen arbitrarily though. It was donated by the land owner for up to 5 years because he doesn't want to build on it yet. So... free land and a decent temporary solution to potentially save lives right now, or an empty pit for another few years until another strip mall gets built. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I am sure homeless people can walk 1/2km from downtown if it means somewhere safe and warm to sleep. Or maybe someone can give them a 2 minute ride from anywhere in town?

  18. He doesn't want to build on it yet, but he sure was in a rush to demolish the old building.

  19. evangelicals who went all in for Trump while knowing he's problematic now realize his problems will affect them.

  20. I should probably clarify. Unlike a stroke or pregnancy where the person would be off for an extended time (months), the missed times are shifts here and there. Not long lengths.

  21. Ah, so letting them go because of their mental illness.

  22. Well we won’t have to worry about Elon stans for much longer.

  23. Are you saying the Oath keepers should be doing more about rising crime?

  24. Unpopular opinion: Pickups have gotten to a point where they need their own category/insurance brackets... today's Big Bois are gas guzzling death machines and if you really need one you should have to prove you need it/can be responsible with it. Either its a civilian car OR a work behemoth, you can't have both and keep everyone safe. They're out of control.

  25. Related: Don't use drive-thrus while towing your trailer!

  26. A good way to test their science would be training to be a scientist yourself. Then you could competently evaluate their findings and perform your own experiments.

  27. Why are you on a conspiracy sub and effectively peddling for moderation of information/speech? Why not give people choice?

  28. I think they were pointing out that people do have choice. But that also includes choosing to leave a platform. Free speech doesn't obligate anyone to have to listen.

  29. Elon got sad about Apple. Being Elon, he claimed this was a giant anti free speech conspiracy because Apple didn't want to fund his vanity project for him.

  30. The "Sent from iphone" every time is the cherry on top

  31. His tweet was in answer to whether or not Alex Jones would be allowed back on Twitter

  32. CC: Musk owns so much data more. Proving the U.S. government tried to censor the American People. Our government violated our 1st Amendment.

  33. Tell me you don't understand the First Amendment. Oh wait, you just did.

  34. SS: Things could be getting juicy. I hope he releases all the HR hiring bias data too (because we all know they discriminated based on politics)

  35. The flintlock pistol gives off real Franklin Mint vibes

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