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  1. After I engrave my gear, can I still change its base stat and substats' values?

  2. She deals so much damage it's unbelivable.

  3. I’m pulling for tarmiel just because I feel he’s a must have for high tier pvp

  4. You got that absolutely right. 4 months later and it's still a must.

  5. *Where are all the pendants.

  6. Looking at the codes, they're indeed applied differently as the wording suggested.

  7. The best and most informed answer.

  8. Hughie was able to open the jar easily this episode when he was trying to comfort this foreshadowing for how "not so temporary" the injection is?

  9. No I think it was just showing how long it lingers

  10. Can also be that yes :)

  11. Oh dear, I actually was thinking of looking for mods to increase the difficulty of receptions. One of the main hooks of ruina that just keeps me coming back apart from the phenomenal music and solid story is the rush of dopamine when I barely edge out a super tough reception, especially during realizations, though I feel that most realizations are actually a little on the easy side as the majority of players can usually beat them with 1 to 2 attempts. That said, a mod to lower enemy stats or enemy combat pages wouldn't solve the difficulty issue outside of abnormality battles since you'll end up using their combat pages and key pages anyway unless they drop their unnerfed versions. Besides, the difficulty spikes that appear to roadblock you in this game aren't really roadblocks the majority of the time. Whenever I got stuck I often tried to see if I could get new pages from general invitations or switched up my strategy to hard counter receptions. Imo the game is only super difficult if you don't adapt very often to new enemies and their mechanics.

  12. This exactly. The game is fine as is, it's strategy that is needed by the player in order to progress which makes it more rewarding in the end.

  13. No meu caso passei a comer praticamente tudo de faca e garfo. Ah, refrigerantes só com palinha. A primeira semana comi sopa e nestum. Depois com o passar do tempo fui habituando e comendo de tudo um pouco.

  14. Foi exatamente igual comigo.

  15. Seems cool! Definitely gonna try it out.

  16. Same. He’s carried my ass through ungeared PvP for weeks now.

  17. My situation exactly xD


  19. Which Escanor is better? Green with holy relic or the one?

  20. IDK if i'd say better, but they're both good at doing it. A lot of the fights in the story are single enemies which escanor will handle with ease. Fights that have multiple enemies king will do better, but escanor can do just fine and you can always use another aoe dps.

  21. Thanks for the help, I will go with escanor then :)

  22. Prefiro Vigor, mas Ucal é bom sim.

  23. I started going to the gym, found an incredible girlfriend and got promoted in my job :)

  24. Hi, I am on UTC and I love the idea :) PM if you want

  25. Sounds good :) my discord is Clef#7029

  26. Love your deck idea! I just started to learn how to mod as well and I already have the setup and basics down. But I don't have any solid ideas for decks xD So if you want to, we could collaborate to make this deck a reality in game :)

  27. Great episode. We see a clash of ideals to rise the stakes, as well as the first look at another Kami-class spirit!

  28. I'm most excited about the Steam Workshop support that's currently in beta and should hopefully be coming soon. My understanding is that all of Cauldron (a collection of fan made expansions) will be available when that finally launches. I'm also hoping it inspires a new wave of custom content.

  29. Yap, just imagine playing with mods of anime, marvel or others! It will be a blast

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