Property tax is slavery

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  1. Seems like the concept of negative rights are dead to the majority of the population.

  2. But don't forget, we all have a right to other people's labor

  3. Lets have a world set in a big city. In it you have to roll barrells at a boss down girders

  4. I would say if you stand there and literally do not move at all for 3 min the narrator should stop the timer and say it isn't fun if Stanley doesn't play along and admit he is worried about Stanley.

  5. The answer is more complicated than you think!

  6. The first and last volumes are S tier. Nothing in the entire series is below a B.

  7. Someone fill me in im out of the loop

  8. That the second one isn't out yet

  9. if you worked there then you know the more variety there is, the more of an inconvenience it is

  10. Variety makes no difference, I’m going to have to make a milkshake either way. Peach isn’t even hard to make it’s the same as strawberry

  11. Yeah peach is a weird hill to die on here

  12. This is the true tragedy of the film

  13. One other interesting thing to bring up: they've actually found that celebrity worship and mental illness are strongly correlated. Most evidence points to liberals having much higher rates of mental illness than conservatives, so it would make sense that liberals have bigger love affairs with celebrities. Due to this, they REALLY cannot tolerate the idea of a celebrity they love having different politics than them.

  14. Imma need some receipts on all that buddy

  15. Associations between celebrity worship and mental health issues:

  16. I'll take it. Seems like a reasonable theory given your evidence.

  17. I don’t know, I think there are some legitimate comparisons to Nazis, seeing as we have actual neo-Nazis living among us. 🤷‍♂️

  18. Im going to go ahead and say the percentage chance of someone you are talking to being an actual honest to God neo nazi is so Infanticipally small that you probably shouldn't pull the trigger on that

  19. So because it’s a small number we can’t/shouldn’t use that as an analogy? There has been genocide as well (certainly in my life, if more current), and slave labor still happens (Qatar, to name just one such place).

  20. I think we largely agree then. My argument is this: words mean something. When we misuse words, or speak in extremes, they begin to lose their impact.

  21. Thank you! I love thinking about how dungeons work.

  22. So does mine, but they support ESG, every stupid ass idpol trap, and push it on their employees.

  23. Can we all be honest and just admit this is cringy and tone deaf and honestly just weird as hell without having to resort to calling it straight up "racist"?

  24. Authoritarian? Sure. Neo-Fascist? Not so much.

  25. Good luck on your adventures. I recently beat all the mainline Zelda games myself and had a blast.

  26. Im with Super Lilly Bros and one of my big takeaways from the past 90 days has been even when trying to play the algorithm, be careful because it turns out Stanley Parable doesn't have the audience you think it does.

  27. When I worked at CFA I had 2 coworkers who were openly LGBTQ when they were hired and a third we came out while working there. All of them were treated like thecrest of us and indeed were promoted pretty high up and ahead of others.

  28. Taxing someone's inherence after they die or outright banning trustfunds is the single most immoral and indefensible tax in existence. Its grave robbing. Its going against the final will of the deceased. It belittles the entire financial life achievement that a parent has worked and sacrificed and risked for their children for their entire lives.

  29. Sometimes I wish it could be like ancient Athens an we could democratically exile someone, because that’s what I want to do a writer, probably a decent dude but god the way he’s been writing this book has me not happy. Still hoping it’s some long stupid con by some bullshit reality warping bull crap became at least then this story won’t forever stain the mythos. But right now I want this writer banned from ever writing spider-man.

  30. I gotta say, I think the problem is more Lowe, the editor, then Wells, the writer. This recent batch of issues are just more in a long line of nonsense for Spider-Man.

  31. I’m not saying I agree with our gun laws or lack of a castle doctrine.

  32. Its unreasonable how much you are getting downvoted for this comment

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