1. I have a SC Irregulars coat that I will sell you for $50,000 US dollars. Not a penny less.

  2. In an interview with wbp rep the price was mentioned at $2k BEFORE IMPORT.

  3. For sale is my black to silver matte fade FreeFlow / Dye Reflex Autococker. Originally ordered a matte green one and got tired of waiting when these came up for sale, so my loss is your gain. This marker is new and has never been aired up, played with, or even assembled. Comes with all the usual included spares and barrel back/fronts. I pay USPS shipping and PayPal fees. More photos available upon request. Thanks for looking!

  4. Oh boomer of the lake, let me admire your collection and regale me with stories of cheap ammo and gun show finds.

  5. Shut the fuck up, suggest a good citizen joins a cartel you're a fuckin basement turd is what you are.

  6. I’m guessing you’re genuinely autistic based on you inability to detect sarcasm. I was pointing out that Mexico is a failed nation and the only individuals who have the ability to arm themselves are the corrupt government and the narco terrorist cartels.

  7. Good. You guys need to organize and take up arms against both the cartels and corrupt politicians who support them. Protect the government officials who don’t.

  8. Looks like a neat carrier, but those buckles places right where you shoulder your weapon would be uncomfortable.

  9. I would say that an ATV is even more.

  10. Does an ATV need to be fed every morning? No. Does an ATV need specialized medicine and care? No. Does an ATV need a farrier or it’s hooves cared for every so often? No.

  11. An ATV needs fuel every day. It needs specialized oils and maintenance. And ATV needs to have it's tires replaced every so often.

  12. Honestly, my ideal SHTF transportation is a bicycle or electric dirt bike; preferably a means to charge it via solar power. However, I’d rather have a gas powered ATV over a horse in the short term any day. Unless you are set up to care for and maintain horses, IE on a ranch, they are just beyond the ability of most people to care for properly.

  13. Are you wanting to run steel plates because of budget issues? There are grants available for body armor for law enforcement.

  14. Mostly because we are looking for a product that doesn’t require replacement as frequently, especially when it’s never been used for it’s intended purpose. We are probably dumping the soft armor component of the carrier due to weight and thermal stress, and high use of rifles vs pistol calibers in active shooter incidents. The loss of coverage that is measured in square inches is acceptable.

  15. If you’re not going to be wearing it 8-12 hours a day like Law Enforcement, I would recommend quality ceramic or polyethylene Level 3+, Level 4, or even just special threat plates instead of steel. Like others have mentioned the date found on body armor isn’t an expiration, it’s a warranty period.

  16. That dude definitely holds the camera while his wife gets railed by someone else.

  17. Reddit is a leftist cesspool. They don’t care about facts, only feelings. If the truth doesn’t support their narrative, then they will do anything possible to erase you or downvote you into oblivion.

  18. I looked into it a couple years ago before I bought my dual tubes; long story short, it might be possible if you have an eye doctor sign a note that getting such a device will alleviate eye strain and you will also utilize the device at work (IE Law Enforcement). Finding a willing doctor proved to be the impossible part.

  19. When you have a history of getting shit on by both left and right wing tyrants, you end up appreciating the importance of civilian firearm ownership! 🇵🇱🇨🇿

  20. The problem is that the prison system isn't designed to turn out functional members of society. Prison isn't rehabilitative in nature, it's punative.

  21. Not to mention, everyone isn’t rehabilitatable. Some people will always return to a life of crime no matter what treatments and opportunities they are given… I’ve seen it over and over again myself. There’s also this “pesky” matter of the 8th Amendment… you can’t incarcerate someone forever unless they’ve committed crimes of a certain severity such as murder. So maybe we need to rethink our sentencing guidelines and prison system.

  22. Guys it’s a gun phone. Clearly illustrated in 2nd pic.

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