Hulu Says ‘Prey’ Is Its Biggest Movie or TV Series Premiere Ever

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  1. Someone who is addicted to gaming doesn’t give a shit how the world looks at them. That’s why they game as much as they do. Additionally, the Alpha/Beta mindset is an incredibly immature and limiting point of view. Perhaps with more life experience you will be able to overcome it.

  2. I don’t believe in alphas and betas . Thought the slang definition of beta reminds of many gamer addicts . Which is a man who is seen as passive, subservient, inferior ,weak, and effeminate.

  3. Ok 👌 Soy boy. Go watch Andrew Tate and learn how to be a real man instead of gaming your life away

  4. 5 feet 8 inches is the 95th percentile for height in US women. 5 foot 10 inches is the 99th percentile. You don’t think someone in the top 5% qualifies as tall?

  5. They do . I am just thinking it’s a bunch of short dudes are voting and not tall women . I may be wrong though

  6. The poll didn't specify gender, so it's safe to assume that women are filling it in too and not just men. This is

  7. Yeah haha I forgot their are women here . I still am suspicious of tons of short dudes lurking on here . But whatever lol

  8. I hope they bring the goat Sam Alvey on the contender series to be Bo's next opponent now that he doesn't have a contract anymore

  9. You are heartless 😂😂 Dude is getting his jaw wired shut

  10. As someone who has a career but have barely scraped by creating an alter-ego at work this is impossible for me. I use my phone to respond to outlook and other various work related apps. Clash Royale (my biggest mobile addiction) is just a click away. I've deleted that game over 30 times and yet with boredom and lack of self-confidence and addiction it comes back. Then while I play it leads to drinking/nicotine/hard drugs.

  11. Yeah that’s a hard one . Since CR runs on even the lowest spec phones from like 7 years ago .. maybe you can delete your account haha . Too bad windows phones are not a thing anymore lol. Their App Store was so limited on games ha

  12. You remind me of an old friend . He was bullied in middle school for being tiny . No girls would date him or talk to him either . Then he sprouted to 6’5 in the 11th grade

  13. I think Carla can win on points and making it a very boring fight . I do hope Weili knocks her out

  14. Not sure revenge is the yautja’s style but maybe. They definitely know now that earth has suitable, challenging, worthy prey. It could work.

  15. Yeah . That’s what I kinda was thinking . One of them would be enticed to fight the strong one who defeated a fellow Yautja

  16. Id like to see several yautja vs the villages strongest warriors lead by naaru.

  17. I’d be curious how they come up with a non cheesy way for the naaru to beat multiple predators lol That would be so hard lol

  18. You are either going to have to quit or you are ultimately going to lose your Gf and your career and out side life will suffer heavily too. I think you are being selfish and need to drop games cold turkey . The games are only damaging your life and hurting your loved ones … you sound kinda pathetic as a 38 ur old man who doesn’t want to grow up

  19. They don't look too bad to me --if you are asking merely for aesthetic reasons, you are fine. If you are looking for help with a medical diagnosis one cannot accurately judge by pictures. A doctor will go by x-rays and whether or not you feel pain and if so, the severity, when advising you about treatment.

  20. Yeah . They never bothered me until the surgeon mention it and said it can effect my 2nd toe in the future . My other foot was a lot more deformed than this foot . So I was always proud of this foot until I was told I had bunions

  21. I recently got hammer toe surgery on my other foot . The surgeon said I have slightly bad bunions on this foot and might need to consider surgery . What do you guys think ?

  22. I think judges should all be ex fighters for all main cards . Like how are boxing judges getting mma judging jobs … They have little knowledge of the sport and get to judge … Like Wtf

  23. Mark my words .. Tatiana Suarez if healthy will defeat Valentina

  24. Here are the things I do when I’m bored . Watch documentaries, listen to podcasts (fullsend,jre ,trash taste ,lex fridman and etc), go for a run , listen to music ,watch YouTube, meditate , read manga , watch mma , and sometimes hangout with friends . So their are tons of other things to do besides game . The internet gives us tons of options lol

  25. So you're a UFC expert huh? Name Fedor's 3 best wins in the UFC

  26. You're getting downvoted because you keep bringing up terrible points: "expensive food" when it was average or cheaper price than typical LA food and you could bring your own in like always, "long lines to get back in" when entry lines were nonexistent past 12, comparing crowd sizes when you're comparing CRE to AX like Legoland to Disneyland.

  27. The food was not average… 3 small tacos and rice and beans with a coke was 25 bucks . I think the chicken tenders with fries and a coke was the same price … That is hella pricey ..

  28. Well said. Also I don’t think the San Jose CC is able to handle the capacity nor the lines to maintain such.

  29. Your acting like Ax is handling it well themselves . They are failing big time .. especially with the big Artist alley incident and the fire Marshall having to cut off letting people in multiple times . I have no doubt crunchy roll could handle it better because it’s backed by Sony !

  30. I’ve seen plenty of people turned away who have had food and drinks.

  31. I forgot I had a hamburger a coke in my bag and they never cared . They never checked bags .. unless the metal detector machine pinged

  32. Had a blast and am looking forward to next year already !

  33. I hate that it’s not available for me but it is available for my Neighbor. What the hell Elon! You should make it available for the whole city or town not make random cut offs. I looked at the starlink availability map at the cut off for availability starts at my house and then is unavailable for like another 70 miles in my area .

  34. She gassed out . Look at Amanda’s record .. she has lost to a few lower level fighters . She can beat Valentina but she isn’t a better overall fighter than her . She is just bigger and stronger than Valentina even Valentina admitted it .

  35. Omg 😆 Why gaming nerds always got to stalk my post history

  36. Coomer? I don’t speak nerd . I had to Google that . You are the coomer playing Fortnite all day you neck beard man child . I don’t Harass anyone 😎Not my fault I’m a hung young stud .and the girls are all over me .Now go jerk off to ur favorite VTuber

  37. But you can get free switch roms to play on yuzu and upscale haha

  38. Yeah you gotta get some Elden Ring. If you're just playing light indie titles that are available on Switch, the Switch (OLED) is kinda just flat out better, which is awkward. Run some AAA. Run some back catalogue emulator stuff. Run yuzu if you want, but it can't just be yuzu or else the switch OLED just ends up being better overall again.

  39. But yuzu can be addicting because it looks better and you can get the games for free lol

  40. Shavkat's got to speak a little english tbh. He's a really fun fighter who's going to break into the elite, not having at least a few canned english phrases ready is basically malpractice by his manager.

  41. They are giving Khamzat a push, also the UFC isn’t purely a meritocracy where the best deserve some type of push when there is nothing really to a fighter from a fan perspective than their skill level.

  42. They are not pushing khamzat aw much as they pushing paddy or or O’Malley . I’d give khamzat usman next fight and then izzy after and then jiri after . He has a high chance to beat them all

  43. She only wears a mens 11? I’m a 5’11” male and wear a 10.5.

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