1. I’m sure these guys are posting these threads to get subscribers, and to get people in this sub to hatewatch them for views.

  2. This is above our pay grade. You need serious relationships counselling if you want to rescue this marriage.

  3. OP, this is the only decent response in this thread. People saying to leave her, that she’s abusive, or suggesting she’s menopausal are more concerned with looking useful on the internet than ruining someone’s relationship and breaking a family up.

  4. I like Tracy Morgan but having an octopus as a pet is some bozo behaviour.

  5. Even if you ignore the fact that the Empire is an allegory for the Nazis, in reality this is not a close contest.

  6. The Empire is basically the Russian military then.

  7. I couldn’t get through The Stand. I listened to hours of it on audiobook but got to a certain point and realised I’d zoned out completely for parts and didn’t know what was going on so I just returned it.

  8. How far did you get into it

  9. I remember Randall Flagg had shown up. Maybe seven or eight hours. It was a significant amount because audible initially prevented me returning it because I’d listened to so much of it.

  10. It's not so much an "in case of roadside emergency kit" but more of an "I'm over at a buddies and a project breaks out" kinda kit.

  11. I don’t find Taskmaster funny. My wife loves it, as do most people I know, but it always feels too try- hard to me. Greg Davies is funny, but the majority of comedians on there aren’t. And Alex Horne is like a rabbit caught in the headlights most of the time.

  12. I think Taskmaster has been shit since Channel 4 bought it.

  13. Geoff Norcott is completely unfunny and if it wasn't for the alt right fanboys would be working in a betting shop telling us about how its everybody elses fault he's not a millionaire

  14. I downloaded his episode of Desert Island Dicks but I haven’t listened to it because I can guarantee one of his dicks will be people who don’t find right wing comedy funny and it irritates me just thinking about it.

  15. Since Chloe Grace Moretz is in here already. In Hick – Chloe is 14, Eddie Redmayne is 29. (and that's at time of film release, might have been younger during filming)

  16. I wouldn’t call that a ‘relationship’ to be honest.

  17. Wait, idk the lore. What’s the weirdest thing?

  18. Referring to the Love Actually plot as “lore” is hilarious to me.

  19. Is that true? How can you tell? I'd be interested to know as I've likely wasted time interacting or responding to bots without realising.

  20. They don’t like what they’re reading so they just assume it’s bots.

  21. Hey tree worker here, it could be that in making the portal ( doorway) that they damaged the tree, wound wood where the tree heals is usually of a different shade just a tad lighter or darker usually.

  22. Subtle one, but people who's method of washing the dishes involves washing in soapy water and not rinsing thoroughly before drying. Drinks always end up tasting like soap because of the soap residue, and you know the rest of the dishes aren't properly clean because the dirt and soap wasn't rinse off.

  23. My girlfriend does this. I always blast everything with water to get the soap off before drying but I do agree it means you have water on for most of the time you’re washing.

  24. It’ll come in waves. I don’t think people are prejudiced against tattoos these days. When I was younger people with tattoos were seen as a bit more dangerous and alternative, but now every second scaffolder and hairdresser has full sleeves and neck tattoos.

  25. Hopefully being phobic- homophobic, transphobic, racist. Basically being intolerant of anyone and everyone.

  26. We thought all this was going to die out in the 90s and probably earlier. One thing about getting a bit older is realising what you thought of as your progressive generation is as full of shits as the last one was.

  27. I know two people who had to do this because they were on fixed term contracts. They both were successful getting permanent.

  28. I saw someone who was great at their job absolutely bottle the interview for their own job recently. Meanwhile some dozy fucker who’d been coached by a senior manager actually got it. Completely counter productive.

  29. I love Preston bus station, yes it’s very brutalist but they redid the inside and there’s something so charming about it.

  30. The bus station is good but it’s a harsh, sparse, challenging building housing a space that people aren’t liable to treat with respect. I don’t think the two things go together. As soon as people start littering, or defacing it, or they don’t keep up with the cleaning, it stops looking intentional and just looks like a dump.

  31. The article used tweets about the designs of buildings to determine the ugliest, I reckon this method would be more likely to isolate famously polarising buildings rather than straight up ugly ones.

  32. Most of the tweets seem to be complaining about alterations and extensions. They’ve just scraped Twitter for comments and ignored the context.

  33. Genuine question for you...

  34. Where the fuck is this information coming from??????? Elden Ring's fucking wild.

  35. They made it up. There’s nothing to confirm most of this.

  36. An episode focusing on the local butcher going crazy and attempting to off his whole family might be nice.

  37. Argos, it’s just a shit expensive Amazon and they never have what you want in stock.

  38. Interesting take! I think they've come a long way as of late - they're one of the only decent competitors to Amazon as far as I'm concerned. The one near us is decent to the point where I cancelled my Prime subscription.

  39. Curry’s are an insurance company who sell electronics.

  40. I used to work at Argos. At the time they gave their staff slightly less than the amount of hours that would qualify them for things like sick leave. It also meant most of them earned too much to qualify for benefits. I think it was about 15.5 hours at the time.

  41. Most flights around Europe are sub 2.5 hours. Don’t see the point of going for anything but the cheapest flight.

  42. All flights are varying levels of uncomfortable so I can’t see the point of paying multiple times more to still be annoyed in business class.

  43. Beer. I’m not sorry to say I’m one of those ‘craft beer’ bores. I like the taste of them, and I like going to bars that sell them. If I go into a pub and there’s no nice beer on, I’d rather go without a beer - I’m happy to have a wine or a soft drink rather than a pint of lager I won’t enjoy.

  44. I love craft beer but there’s a time and place for a cheap, cold pint of bog standard shitty lager.

  45. Word Processor of the Gods

  46. I had friends that I visited in vienna. Fuck me the quality of housing that you could have for what you would pay for a room in london is astounding, modern kitchen/bathrooms, maintained buildings, no mould. Just the mental health aspect of knowing that you can get a flat/house without killing yourself for a deposit or fighting other people for it would be worth it's weight in gold. Here it feels like begging for pot of shit gruel, and we better be thankful for it.

  47. Vienna is an extreme example of how to do it well. Not everywhere is so lucky.

  48. Bloodhound Fang. I would actually use it if it wasn’t a somber weapon.

  49. I like the fact you can buff it but it’s so uninspiring to use. I was melting enemies with it early to mid game but it was boring me so I put it in my chest.

  50. This. Dated a teacher and they never stop working and when they arent working they are ranting about work.

  51. I can understand ranting about work when you’re not at work but some people are only ever working, talking about work, or complaining about work.

  52. My boyfriend never, ever gets mad or upset about anything except when I bring up his snoring. When I first mentioned it, I was so shocked at his reaction because in so many years he’d never got upset about anything at all. I think that must be his deep insecurity.

  53. I read 90% of snorers can be cured by losing 5% of their body weight but I’m not sure how you’d bring that up to him.

  54. That’s what I’m getting at. I think you explained it better than me.

  55. OK but the people who look to the books before the show are about 1% of the total fandom.

  56. I agree. On a base level he’s just suggesting she deserves to be humiliated by stripping her clothes off in public which is misogynistic regardless of whether you interpret the scenario in the book that way.

  57. Wait til he finds out about gold foot

  58. I’ve never once used the gold foot. I spent hours grinding runes to get a few more levels for the last few bosses and completely forgot about the gold feet and the scarab. I’ve only just realised.

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