1. i'm about to take a drive and see if i can see it... it's about a 10 minute drive to where i think i'll be able to see it

  2. I drove like 40 miles closer to it and still didn’t see it. Must be the inverse square law or something.

  3. Am I the only one that hates it when people abbreviate random things?

  4. I wish the diagrams were basic like where is it in relation to the Big Saucepan.

  5. Do it gently with the magic eraser and feather it. You may have a risk if sheen differential afterward. A pic post might have helped.

  6. Turn the lights off via the remote and then press the button in the right lower corner, then turn the lights back on and see if the color controls are back to normal, if not- repeat

  7. Right, explained in more detail in what I linked. I needed you a day ago my Redditor! But thx, for posterity your succinct answer will help somebody.

  8. Look in the manual for the LED remote and see if there is a pairing procedure and go through that. Usually its something like hold down a specific button, plug in the LEDs and wait 3 seconds.

  9. Thx that sent me in the right direction. The issue was not so much pairing as reconfiguring buttons. Both are

  10. I kind of think the majesty of mountains wants to be on the bigger walls.

  11. Looks like you still have more empty space up top. Another shelf / cubby layer?

  12. I see “Stoltenberg says we are seeing preparations for a new Russian offensive”. You’re adding the “huge”.

  13. I can't be the only one who has a sterilize function on my dishwasher, right? You all know about this?

  14. Not sure I’d put that lid in for sterilize. Body if it’s just stainless, sure.

  15. That looks like a baking sheet. Always always use aluminum foil or parchment paper in the pan.

  16. My quality of work! The age of the splat will drive how far out on the spectrum you need to go. And stronger = riskier to underlying finish. Acetone, lacquer thinner, goof off, …

  17. So those are in order of strength? Acetone -> Lacquer thinner -> Goof Off?

  18. Also depends on whether it was latex (most likely) or oil-based. Anyway that’s the order but there are other products too. So the stuff is rock hard now. Maybe a plastic scraper lubed with say mineral oil in places too.

  19. Ended up sticking the handle of a 1/4” ratchet into the pipe and slowly bent up about 5 degrees, problem solved!

  20. Well you definitely don’t want to leave it like that. If you choose to caulk around it, leave the bottom open.

  21. The hell am I looking at and especially what is the fabric. Drool does amazing things to pillows, for example.

  22. Put on front but 45 degree (or other) so as to get more diffusion through light wash. But if you like looking at the light itself that’s fine too.

  23. With one less set of bottoms (and so not going all the way to the left) you’d have something looking more like a hutch. Not sure what your TV size allows. And it’s too late. I used beaded wainscoting in a similar set-up as well as some sconces… but no tv was in play.

  24. They are EXTREMELY finicky. But it can be done, and well. I do two things.

  25. I hate people that live for bicycling. It’s all they talk about. Like dude I don’t share your hobby, please shut up

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