1. Thanks I appreciate that! I’ve been looking on YouTube for tips but I’ll try

  2. My husband is from Peru and talks about these, this is my first time seeing how it looks. I’d definitely eat!

  3. That was my first time hearing of living soil, now I’m going down the Google rabbit hole because this is a nice result!

  4. Wow…. That was not how I thought that was going to end.

  5. Nope but those buds look FIRE. What nutrients do you use?!

  6. Beautiful. Something is so creepy about big bodies of water at night though.

  7. Ours started off this color and then she turned gray. Pretty pup!

  8. I’d say give them a break, they’re grieving. Not the nicest time to poke fun at someone’s spelling.

  9. My husband works there and he says they still flights every day, the airline is Breeze Airways they fly to San Fran. AeroMexico also does a flight to Mexico.

  10. Just checked it out and asked for a 100 word love poem to my husband and DAMN. Good stuff.

  11. You just brought me back…. Chips in a sandwich are delicious.

  12. Some people said on my previous post that they were Fungus Gnat. What do you think?

  13. Looks just like the fungus gnats we had in our old apartment. I poured boiling water and also drano (at different times) and it worked.

  14. Yup, just like the other comment says we just poured it right down the drain. A big stock pot full of boiling water.

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