1. Let’s also talk about how Metallica is in the playlist

  2. Heavy riffs don't equal to metal. Alice in Chains is a fine example

  3. Did you just compare slipknot to Alice In Chains? Anyways, there is almost no aspects of rock in slipknot.

  4. It’s not their best but it’s good. It’s better than Vol 3, WANYK and AHIG but the rest it doesn’t even compare

  5. Orphan sucks major dick hole. Ok not really buts it’s not that good. Tbh Adderall is better

  6. I see a lot of undeserved hate for the dipsters and it confuses me why. Their cool

  7. Plot twist: it's not her who made him change, it's him who got into prog, and through prog, jazz. They decided to adopt a baby because there are already too many humans in this world, and called him Stanley, as a reference to his favourite bass player.

  8. Fun fact: we’re not overpopulated and we could fit every single person shoulder to shoulder in Texas

  9. It’s good but not the best AT ALL. First of all: Self Titled is the best and you can’t argue. Second: there is nothing else to say

  10. I don't think you know what I'm talking about. WANYK if listened to from start to finish without skips and listened to as a whole, is a different experience. It's larger cinematically and sonically in its own way. Maybe it's my specific ear but I hear something in this record they have never done before and it reaches new ground for me.

  11. I listened to the whole album without skips yesterday and sure it was good but it did not compare to other albums

  12. That purple guy looks really cool but that bat thing is ugly 🤢

  13. Chill, either he just doesn't know values and he's new to trading, or hes an actual goofball, first find out instead of instantly judging

  14. No it’s funny to call someone a goofball without knowing. You should try it some time

  15. I actually love opium of the people I even wrote a one page essay about the song in my English class last year

  16. I wouldn’t say I love it enough to write a essay about it but 🤷‍♀️

  17. I didn't want to draw it, because it turned out ugly and I left it as in the game. Plus, he's already so cool, so I guess it's not necessary.

  18. I barely touch my friends, we keep a respectful distance

  19. I am your girlfriend and I am a man. Your a homosexual now

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