[OC] 9 ways to divide South Korea

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  1. It's a reference to a word they use commonly in those regions - 거시기. People living in other regions use the word to indicate a man's penis.

  2. A few years back I was teaching a class full of ajummas in Jeonju and they kept using that word. Twas awkward af

  3. “They said you was hung!” “And they was right.”

  4. I first watched Blazing Saddles when I was 11, have watched it dozens of times in the 23 years since, and some of the jokes have slowly dawned on me. This was the most recent one that I finally got

  5. 5. When they do put the plates back, they make sure to mix them all together and put the 2.5kg plates behind three 20kg plates. I usually end up reorganizing the plate racks between my squat sets because it annoys me to no end

  6. My science teacher told us that humans can't lift anything heavier than themselves, which is why we can't pick ourselves up. He then demonstrated by pulling on his belt and saying "See?" He might have been joking -- I genuinely have no idea -- but 6 year old me definitely thought he was serious. Also if a joke is based on a false premise it's not a good joke.

  7. Expected it to be the top one. It really is just awful. First time I had one I remember being so annoyed thinking it was orange soda. Nope. It's like carbonated cough syrup with a hit of dirty sock. Mainers will insist it's somehow great though.

  8. I'll let you in on a secret: even Mainers who know that it's bad will defend it. It's a sort of collective irony that we've all silently agreed to participate in

  9. Another Way To Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, Die Another Day

  10. I'm surprised I had to scroll this far to see The Man With The Golden Gun mentioned. I'm not sure which song is the worst, but that one is a solid contender for me. Something about it grates on my nerves

  11. I went on one date with a fellow who said the "Sixteenth Chapel". He took me to a "Thigh" restaurant.

  12. When I was in high school and going to possibly my first ever Mexican restaurant, I ordered a "kwayza dilla" and never lived it down

  13. not trying to argue but from what i know he doesnt know anything different than what his parents taught him, idk if he is getting neglected/abused but if he is he wouldn’t know its wrong, he just sees it as thats how life is

  14. That can happen sometimes with homeschooled kids, especially those with very controlling parents, but I promise we're not all that way. My best friend in high school and I were both homeschooled and we both turned into fairly well-adjusted adults... except he's now a lawyer and I'm now a Reddit user

  15. Can you elaborate on the Steuben thing a bit? My aunt has a camp there so I go there at least once a year, but I never go anywhere except her camp.

  16. I would like to see an apocalyptic movie where it is the aftermath. Where you have to face what happened and not be running on the we made it it is okay, block out what happened mentality

  17. So, a post-apocalyptic movie? The Road is like that

  18. My sister lives in Farmington and loves T Mobile so... it works in at least some places north of Freeport

  19. I've done this where I made my password a Korean phrase, but rather than having the password itself be the romanized version of it, it's the keys you have to press when you type the phrase with a Korean keyboard. This makes my actual password look like jumbled gibberish.

  20. A lot of Koreans' email addresses look like complete gibberish for exactly this reason

  21. There’s so many great lesser known running gags like this. Another great one - the amount of times a Q scene contains a Christmas reference.

  22. Wow, I dunno how I never noticed this before!

  23. I think pepper was also in LALD. Since it was based in New Orleans. I remember a long boat chase

  24. He's in both, yes. In LALD he's involved in a boat chase with Bond and in The Man With The Golden Gun he runs into Bond while traveling

  25. When I’m driving, I imagine every car I pass will randomly change lands and just hit me head on. Makes driving a pain.

  26. An oncoming truck once kicked up a large stone that smashed my windshield, and now I can't help imagining that happening whenever I see an oncoming truck

  27. I have a (mostly former) friend who says this in every argument. And he loves starting arguments so he uses the line A LOT. I guess he thinks that other people also pick fights for fun?

  28. I learned the expression "chance would be a fine thing!" and that a "stag do" is what you all call a bachelor party

  29. I still don't know what "chance would be a fine thing!" means.

  30. I think an American would most likely say "I wish!" or "That'd be nice!" Similar meaning, anyway

  31. Just to answer your national parks question: in my view the best are Seoraksan National Park, Bukhansan National Park, Gyeongju National Park, Juwangsan National Park, and Jirisan National Park. But most of the national parks are well worth the visit. Bukhansan is just north of Seoul so it's the easiest to get to

  32. Thank you. There’s so many to choose from! Do I need a car for them?

  33. Only for some. I'd recommend one for Juwangsan National Park, for example, but others are relatively easy to access by train (like Gyeongju National Park) or bus (Jirisan, Seoraksan, and plenty others).

  34. A guy I went to preschool and one year of elementary school with. He and his foster brother broke into a house, robbed a safe, and attacked two occupants of the house with machetes. Luckily nobody died, but the two occupants were left with permanent injuries

  35. “Nihongo jozou” means you’re good at Japanese BUT serious learners will quickly dread the phrase because most Japanese people say it if you know a single word or phrase. They’re more so impressed someone is attempting to learn their language than actually complimenting your skill… so it’s a running joke amongst Japanese speakers that you aren’t truly fluent until you stop being told “Nihongo jozou”

  36. Koreans are the same. Just a few days ago a Korean complimented my Korean skills when all I'd said was hello

  37. I literally just answered the phone once and got this too. Said 여보세요? and nothing else. Can't remember what the phone call was but it was somebody I didn't know so was like great we're getting off on the right foot straight away with me knowing you're a condescending ass.

  38. My biggest tell for "condescending ass" is when I have dinner with a Korean, I tell them how long I've lived in South Korea (9.5 years), and then they still compliment me for being able to use chopsticks. Like, dude, do you think white people's brains are so broken that we can't learn a basic survival skill in 9 years?

  39. Misread "wash" as "watch." Which.... is also good advice?

  40. I have no idea but I like the Birds Aren't Real sticker

  41. "It'd be like picking people off with a sniper rifle: fun at first, but it'd quickly become a depressing chore."

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