1. Neanderthals were close enough to modern day humans that they could reproduce. They weren’t some monstrous creatures

  2. Neanderthals weren't the only ones hooking up with homosapiens, Denisovans were as well, and as far as we can tell, they were a people of colour.. Think he'd get even madder at that thought? "Girls only guy for bad boys and black guys from the stone age it's so unfair"

  3. Biological anthropology really is cool. I’m pretty sure these guys think Neanderthals were some knuckle dragging, brainless bunch, but I’m sure they had similar intelligence

  4. women: not dating respectful men niceguys: "YALL GO FOR THE BAD BOYS AND NEVER GIVE NICE GUYS LIKE ME A CHANCE"

  5. For context this is on a video of a dad who woke up and saw his wife with the baby, so put a blanket on them and sat behind so she could support her back

  6. So he’s a good partner and parent and they make it about themselves?

  7. Could also be read that once she gets some peace (extinguisher) he creates drama as he lits her candle und thus drains the life out of her.

  8. Or that being with the match wears her down to nothingness, while the extinguisher protects her from harm

  9. Not only that, but if the candle is constantly lit, it will melt away

  10. Cheating is cheating no matter what even if it’s with the girl if you want to do a threesome at least it wouldn’t be cheating because both you guys are up for it you shouldn’t leave your partner hanging out specially hiding something about someone being sexual it doesn’t have to be a man to win your love it goes both directions think about what he’s thinking put yourself in their shoes before you take action

  11. She makes NO mention of cheating. Her coming out as bisexual is just expressing part of her to her SO and doesn’t make her any less monogamous

  12. I think almost all women are Bi. But that’s just what I think.

  13. No. That’s like saying all men are bi. It’s inherently false

  14. Why shouldn't they? You are living in that state afterall. It's like if you are crashing in someones house, you play by their rules.

  15. That’s not how the government works. The government doesn’t get to make laws harmful for their citizens. They’re meant to protect

  16. And the laws are protecting the lives inside of that said women wanting an abortion no?

  17. The Supreme Court is packed with people still living in the 70’s

  18. I'd have to disagree, because technically he didn't force anyone to look at it unless my understanding of the situation is wrong

  19. I would say a majority of people DO use iPhones though. Not everyone, but the majority

  20. I make well over $100k any only work 5 months of the year. It is possible to earn decent money and have time for yourself.

  21. Me over here in my daughters first birthday and I literally bought and extra full cake just to smash in her face….

  22. Because most people are not comfortable with being poly. I know I’m not. That doesn’t make me less or wrong

  23. My friend you are suffering from modern day programming call monogamy. It is 100% possible and acceptable to love and be sexually with more then one person and should explore meeting people. We have been raised in a society that puts emphasis on “the one” which I’m sure you are old enough to understand dose not exist.

  24. Not everyone has to be poly. You give poly people a bad name

  25. Doesn’t sound like you’re ready. It’s okay not to go out. Don’t let people pressure you

  26. It’s also a baby’s rights issue, which women have no special insight over. Glad you agree men can leave and shouldn’t have consequences. It should be equal under the law.

  27. Sure I do. I don’t want abortion. But if the logic to legalize abortion is to allow women to run away from the responsibilities of their actions because freedom, even if that means killing someone, then men should have that option too, even if it means not providing for someone. At least no one dies if the father refuses responsibility. No one starves to death in America unless they have severe mental issues or someone neglects the child. Social programs don’t let anyone starve to death, and I am open to expanding that more.

  28. You’re a misogynist and aren’t worth continuing a discussion with if you genuinely are going to simplify all the reasons to abort

  29. 18-22 shouldn’t be worrying about having kids. Take your misogynistic trash elsewhere

  30. Just block him if he texts you. I’ve been hassled into giving a number before and it sucks

  31. Just tell them and follow up with a ‘I’m happy and your opinions regarding him aren’t welcome. I’m staying with him despite your disapproval’

  32. I have and I had a therapist who recommended therapy family wise with my parents since I was 12 cause I did dumb internet shit for attention

  33. I am in therapy and would never lash out on my siblings for this I have said some rude things to my parents when they aren’t around

  34. Have you discussed potentially bringing them to a therapy session with you? It might be a safe space to discuss your feelings with them

  35. So you’ve never been in a relationship with this woman and you’re considering marriage?

  36. Don’t even have to read this. Yes, you should break it off. Drunk driving? That’s such a deal breaker

  37. If nothing else, she's an asshole for not communicating her plans up front so that her husband can make sure his plans don't conflict. Springing a surprise commitment on him after he's already scheduled something, and demanding he cancel it so she can do whatever, is an asshole move. Spouses are supposed to communicate.

  38. She can’t bring her son to the hospital. He can bring his son to a meal

  39. Doesn't matter. You still have to communicate a change of plans, and not spring them on your partner at the last minute.

  40. I just find it creepy , she’s only young having to give massages to old men. Find it inappropriate

  41. She also gives massages to women of all ages and young men. It’s her job. Stop being gross and sexualizing a profession

  42. I mean, you DO have to adapt or move out. You don’t just get to turn a young child’s world upside down

  43. Move out and leave him alone. People with kids are just for fun. They are not marriage material. You will never treat his kids like your own. It's too soon anyways. He's looking for a stepmother. Why else would he move you in so fast? Soon you'll be cooking for them, baby sitting and helping them with their homework. Also his kids are not ready. It's important that the kids accept you as well or they will make your life a living hell. He was nice to shelter you when you were down but now you have a job. Time to go. You want a man that don't have kids so you can create your own family. He doesn't even know if he want to marry again.

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