1. I have hormonal acne and I use olive oil. You can find even less comedogenic oils

  2. You can just try a doll sock with yarn leftovers and you'll see how much you enjoy it/suffer. I really like making socks!

  3. Maybe Nathan just missed his friend so much and he has time to travel, being unemployed and all?

  4. Yeah he was so sad that he didn't get to play Lucius anymore that he got a job as an extra!

  5. I’m not sure because I didn’t discover this myself, someone on Twitter did and I then double checked it, but on Twitter everyone is also saying that only big name accounts like celebrities and business accounts have this option where you can check where they are based, and not just any person’s account. So unless you’re a celeb or a big business it shouldn’t be possible for someone to check.

  6. It's in French. My guess is that one is older than the other and they changed their recipe but it can also be because it's a different market. Ingredients often vary by country for the same product.

  7. You can block all the tags you want, you can even block words. But it would be really hard for you to know which blog will tag spoilers and which blog won't, so it would be hard to decide who to follow. I could try and find some blogs that I know for sure will always tag their spoilers but it won't be many so I don't know how useful it would be.

  8. Yah, I thought about blocking tags, but like you suggested not everyone is conscientious about tagging spoilers. Currently I don’t follow any blogs, I just follow the ofmd tag in general.

  9. If you don't block any tags, the ofmd tag is dangerous today though.

  10. Green Beaver, Radius and Dental Lace all have silk floss packaged without any plastic.

  11. Oh I didn't know that. I guess it's great for vegans then!

  12. Right?? My enthusiasm for the show, and the longevity of my acute interest in it, is totally unprecedented for me, and I'm older than Rhys and Taika. (I also have nearly zero interest in pirates, lol)

  13. Ha! I only watched one PotC movie! I mean I like some Peter Pan movies, does that count?

  14. Jason isaacs as Captain Hook? Yes, please.

  15. Exactly! You are reading between the lines what I didn't say but thought really loudly, haha!

  16. He does, just not all over the place like Ed. If I recall, the band around his arm is his, along with the eagle on his collarbone.

  17. Oh don't worry about it, I also know about most of Taika's real tattoos! I was just saying that because there was a debate in another thread about weather or not Taika had Blackbeard's tattoos because he was all covered up in a photo.

  18. More info: So I’ve just bought a new Pela Case and seen that the unit prices on the postage label are drastically lower than that on the website: the price of the case I bought was £39.95 (although I did apply a discount), whereas on the label it says 5 CAD which is around £3.23.

  19. My guess is that the company did this to avoid you paying import fees thus loosing you as a potential customer in the future.

  20. Maybe they save money on their end too, I'm not an expert AT ALL.

  21. Yes it's the cannon hatches, you can see them in ep1 when Stede steals the plant.

  22. I love cotton! What weight is your yarn?

  23. I prefer to make my i-cords with DPNs but I loved making long cords with something like that as a kid.

  24. I just can't place him. Where did I see Steve Wrigley previously?

  25. 3 comments at 0, come on! This is the nice sub here!

  26. 🐑🐑🐑🐑😂 Thanks for posting I don't have tiktok!

  27. Wow, can you recall the specific scene(s) where they called each other perfect? I've watched 3.5 times but apparently never noticed 😭

  28. Wow I don't know why I didn't see you comment before now but if in the slim chance you didn't catch it on your 14th rewatch, it was at the end of episode 7 when they called themselves co-captains.

  29. Thank you! I agree it’s tricky trying to promote this space without incurring the wrath of the mod over there. They seem to be on a particular warpath at the moment. Perhaps they hate joy? 😂

  30. Follower count is up 30 already today thanks to

  31. 19% increase in 22h! I say if they don't stop banning active people, only the inactive people will remain and the sub will just slowly die out.

  32. I've seen this photo before but it's the first time I notice that Con put his pirate hat backwards, Samba and Nathan have tiaras and that Claudia has an aligator skull in her hands!!!

  33. It's also not clear what will get you banned without warning. I'd really like to know how many people were banned from here.

  34. Just wanted to share how much I freaked out when I encountered another pair of queer co-captains in Legends of Tomorrow. I was 100% clueless but she said it out loud "We're co-captains for life."!!!! And then someone called them captains! 🥰

  35. Hmmmm…he appears to be being driven by someone sitting on the left side of the vehicle, so, not in New Zealand 😕

  36. I would not put it past Nathan to flip the image before posting...

  37. The ones from season one didn’t have the seam with the X stitches, but did have the strap. I just checked.

  38. Oh no! If Olu have green Crocs I will be able to think of nothing else, I have had green Crocs for like 15 years.

  39. Yes. The ones he had in season 1 were black/dark gray,

  40. I'm pretty sure they only look green because of the lighting.

  41. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure you have a row of twisted stitches.

  42. Yep. Whoever worked on your project wraps their purls from back to front or knits through the back loop or something because there are at least 2 rows of twisted stitches there: the top row of white and the blue row two rows above it. Looks like there is a row of some white twisted stitches on the bottom left pink area as well.

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