Elon Musk Loses $100 Billion in Net Worth as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet

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  1. Big brain play. Get enough fans to rush your rival's field after you beat them.

  2. Beavers and Huskies teamed up to help out the Utes and take down the Ducks.

  3. Fucking Cal. All you had to do was beat UCLA!

  4. It is like sleeping and never waking up.There is no 'you' after that.

  5. You have dreams when sleeping though.

  6. Have her just miss the cut off to make it in the M8 and she becomes a totally credible threat for Ash

  7. Yeah, make her Ranked 10th and/or she lost to Iris in the promotion match, easy.

  8. This next House term is going to be interesting...

  9. It is genuinely frustrating not knowing what's going on.

  10. Why? Just enjoy the show that's meant for children...

  11. nfw Republicans are gonna ditch Mitch. Look what he's done. No one has impeded the progress of the Democratic party as much as Mitch. He's a winner if you want paralyzed government as your cornerstone.

  12. This is about the House, not the Senate.

  13. Not even 218. Just a majority of the members that show up/vote that day.

  14. Last one means you drove through Kansas.

  15. All it'll take is a glitch or someone hacking into the car's software to veer someone off the road.

  16. Breaking out the crockpot for chili, getting the wood ready for the fireplace, and tea kettle heated up. I will be in my pajamas watching that snow while I work remote.

  17. The more libs hate something, the more love it gets from the crazy.

  18. Not a liberal, but oh jeez let's try it... I'd really hate having my student loans forgiven, be given free Healthcare, great public transportation, high speed rail, and women having abortions. Sure would be upset if the conservatives did all that just to own me.

  19. Good try Kansas. Y’all fought hard and you should be proud of your team.

  20. We did until our coach decided to throw in the towel down 2 scores.

  21. I still cannot believe KU punted last drive. Their defense hasn't stopped shit all day

  22. Hey KU can you let us go ahead and cover. I’m tired of the Bear’s shitty picks being forced upon us during Gameday. Maybe if he has a losing record they’ll quit putting him on TV.

  23. You're up by 20. We need to score 9 points to cover.

  24. Gary (if you count him as one of his friends).

  25. This game's over. KU isn't playing with any energy.

  26. Symmetra, Dva, and Pharah from Overwatch

  27. How on Earth did Cal fail to stop him.

  28. They did stop him. Refs refused to blow the play dead.

  29. No no, UCLA, Wazzu, and Oregon all losing would be peak Pac-12. Gotta make sure those Huskies win the Pac 12!

  30. Sorry, but Huskies need to win the Pac-12 for the good of the concerence.

  31. So instead of black Friday we should call it assault Friday

  32. Any other day you'd be charged for assault, but on Black Friday, you win a PS5!

  33. Don't put it past them to change the constitution so he becomes eligible.

  34. Awesome. Now if only I could access my Litecoin from my BlockFi account...

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