1. To be fair she put a lot on William and that is a creepy statement to make

  2. I agree with you 100%. I have always said that Princess Diana basically committed emotional incest with her son making him the husband and the person to meet her emotional needs. I know it's a mean thing to say but it's true.

  3. And it’s further not uncommon for non-abused siblings to (1) interpret the abused sibling as getting “special” attention and love, and (2) blame the abused sibling for stealing the parent away.

  4. This is so true. Because if you're in my past comment something happened in my past and it wasn't was not caused by my parents. But they dealt with the aftermath. And my oldest sister who at the time was 25 years old was mad at me for taking away mom and dad. And my sister who is 2 years older than me was like upset but you know that meant she got more free time not having to do chores and stuff. But it's funny you brought that up because there's nothing truer and the world than sibling Jealousy.

  5. Tessa Dunlop is such a pain in the ass. Comparing Archie coming to the coronation to then-PC coming to his mother’s as a 4 year old is absurd. PC was her heir! There was significance to his brief appearance, and that is coming to fruition at this event! Also, he was 4.5 years old, which I know sounds a bit petty to say, but those months make a difference when you’re that young.

  6. Not to mention kids of that generation they knew to behave or else. And nine times out of 10 they didn't want to find out what the or else was. I'm of two minds of this situation here I'm going to say that. There's no way that this is going to come out pretty for anyone involved. No matter what the royal family does the sugars are going to take offense to it even if it's the way they want. And give them 100% access what the video tape it do whatever polite cordial the whole nine yards. And still the sugars will claim that one way or the other they're beloved saint and her co-dependent mama's boy AKA her husband up in the victim of the Royal Family and their ways. It doesn't matter we have 100% proof they're going to do the same old stuff but they have done day after day.

  7. I came here to say the exact same thing. I mean it every single photo and some she's not she tries to make about herself.

  8. very true. my loved one would lie like a rug when in active addiction but it carried on when he found recovery. Would tell you it is raining on a sunny day for example..or he went to wendys but it was mcdonalds..just stupid lies. but then some lies mattered and hurt. now, i wish this family the best of luck but on her own accord she shared her issues and i saw them. so thanks to her own doing i know what demons she fights. She has a long road ahead and is way early in recovery. -- There is no way she didn't know they were being recorded, that's a lie. -- Alicia may be sucky at oversharing like the quesadilla nite and their first trip to walmart was awful.. but she could delete those. She has done a lot for the kids and gave them memories and experiences most cannot afford to do especially in the 1 year she had them. I think personally i would enjoy the moments more if the camera was off. But that is why im a snarker here..

  9. My oldest sister's friend has the daughter like that. Custody was taken away because she never received prenatal care and fentanyl in her system. Still to this day she swear she didn't do drugs and that there was no reason to take that child off her even though the child has problems from drug use. And she can't pass a drug test for court. And like she tells us the dumbest lies. I hope your kids doing better hugs

  10. Getting off on scaring/startling people is straight out of the serial killer playbook

  11. I can see the jump scare once but not on TV you don't do it to embarrass somebody. You only do it once. And not to the point where somebody's in tears cuz that's just cruel beyond belief. Now I am guilty of scaring my older sister it was a prank that turned on her she thought she was going to scare me and she end up being scared and peeing herself she's scared herself so bad.

  12. He will do like any narcissistic and selfish person will do. He will put up with it while he's on the payroll and getting something from them. Once he threw with them he'll complain and b**** him and give us the well with me everybody uses me and my mommy. I'm sorry he needs to grow up

  13. They still could have had a black donor. It's not outwith the realm of possibility that they're mixed. I'm white Scottish/Irish and I've met mixed-race kids who looked about as Caucasian as I do.

  14. I believe prince the oldest is Mj he has same skin condition. Before this i saw the pic i was team sperm donor.

  15. that's a birthmark, I have a similar looking one and it isn't vitiligo.

  16. This movie scared the 💩 out of me when I was little. So as a child I watch it many times to get over my fears. Lol

  17. I can't help but wonder if the Kardashians slash Jenner Clan. After every plastic surgery if they look at the mirror what the f*** is that. Because their faces have changed so much so much that they're younger selves would not be able to recognize who they are today and they would be disappointed I have a feeling in they look.

  18. It's never bothered me personally. Probably because of my job and I can sit there while eating spaghetti and watch them pull worms out of people.

  19. I'm not defending her I want to say that. But I am a veterinarian and a lot of people in my family have raised chickens a lot of my friends also when they're young they die very easily. So I'm not going to count that against her. What I will count against her is the chicken coop what the hell is that. Like it's not even a chicken coop it's like a lean too that's what we called around here I don't know what y'all call it .for the chickens with the fence around it I know it's wrong on stay for me I am sorry

  20. In their defense (I can't believe I'm saying this) I do believe there is another structure on the inside of the lean-to, a coup structure, with boxes etc. What you see there is just the run. Their chickens have always looked healthy to me and yes, chickens will die young for various reasons that can't be controlled like egg peritonitis. I won't however give her much if any credit for all that because she has said many times before that it is josh out there taking care of the coop etc. She has gone out there a few times to feed them on camera but it's clear she doesn't know much about what she's doing. She opens bags of the meal worm treats and pours half the bag out. The HUGE over $40 bags.

  21. I asked my friends and family who have chickens they said it's probably the Run where they let the chickens run around you are correct. I do not right now at this moment have chickens I had them when I was little but our yard was fenced in and we live in the country. So we had was a chicken coop.

  22. I would thank them for it and then I would later go out and buy them something just as obnoxious as that. And give it to them for a gift and when they told me they didn't like it I would be like really like I didn't like Gladys but I accepted it because I am kind.

  23. I don't know if I'm going to age myself here or what. But do you guys know that song Aqua Barbie girl. Where did they go hi Ken hi Barbie let's go party yeah that's the first thing when I saw these two.

  24. You know the person who took the photo looked at the person they were taking the photo of it's the best photo I've ever taken of you. And then afterwards they bust out laughing .

  25. Her lips look like they lost a fight with a vacuum hose. Hoover lips

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